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Tekie Geek understands that the digital environment is full of threats from hackers and other criminals. Cybersecurity can also be compromised by outdated systems, equipment, or software. Employee training is another important element to keeping data safe, as well as upgraded access protocols.

The IT Superheroes at Tekie Geek are dedicated to helping protect and serve business owners in New York and New Jersey. We can help manage the IT at your company, providing resources, skills, and a wide variety of IT services. As a cybersecurity provider, we also help protect your valuable data from loss or theft. Discover more about our IT solutions.  

Managed IT

Outsource your IT operations with Tekie Geek. Our managed IT services provide network management, secure backups, hardware and system maintenance, and timely upgrades. We also provide employee training for greater cybersecurity and functionality. Gain extra peace of mind with Tekie Geek services operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year.

Co-Managed IT

Add resources and skills to your existing IT department with our option for co-managed IT services. Tekie Geek becomes your partner for daily maintenance and monitoring, help desk support, and other functions. This support is not project-based, but ongoing, and can incorporate cybersecurity provider services. This includes strengthening user access protocols, dark web monitoring, and data security evaluations.


Protecting data crucial to your business operations and planning for disruptions — this is Tekie Geek’s business continuity services. Our experienced staff will examine networks, systems, and business functions to suggest IT solutions. We can upgrade weak elements and provide training to improve cybersecurity. Let us help you plan for situations resulting from cybercrime or natural disasters so your business can maintain operations.


Take advantage of unified communications services offered by Tekie Geek and provide your business with integrated messaging and presentation tools. Secure, stable communications between employees, customers, and vendors are crucial to cybersecurity and smooth business operations. Tekie Geek can help integrate email, text, video conferencing, and voice-over-Internet protocol (VoIP) technologies.


The convenience of access to digital systems, applications, and services stored on Internet servers is known as cloud computing. The focus of Tekie Geek’s cloud computing services is to maintain security and provide ready access to employees and other users in your business. These services include data storage, backup, and app development and testing.

Proactive consulting to ensure we deliver “IT Peace of Mind.” We review our services and discuss what is going on in the tech space, so you are always left with the latest products and best safeguards to keep your business in its place: PROTECTED.

Geek Reviews

Proactive trend analysis to solve problems, not symptoms! When we notice something small is consistently happening, we find solutions to keep them from growing large. The changes we make are always to ensure efficiency and productivity for yourself and all your employees.

Geek Trends

With the Geek IT Support, you reach an actual Tekie Geek employee in our offices. Our IT Help Desk techs take care of your issues making it easy for you to get a hold of someone when needed. There is nothing worse than waiting to hear back from your IT Provider and with Tekie Geek, downtime and waiting become a thing of the past.

Geek IT Support

Proactive 24x7 systems monitoring & management. We watch your systems all day, every day, to ensure that there are no hackers lurking in the background, and no issues or hidden risks waiting to present themselves.

Geek Monitoring

Innovative ticketing, workflow & client notification system for complete visibility. If you have an issue or need assistance, it’s as easy as submitting a ticket. If you want to check up on what we’re working on behind the scenes, you have that ability. Full visibility and inclusion in the whole process.

Geek Desk

Monthly network & service desk reports for accountability. We go over all of your stats, from employees who are falling for phishes, to the number of tickets and updates we’ve completed behind the scenes, to ensure you are up to date with knowing the services we provide and just how often it’s going on.

Geek Reports

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