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Think of managed IT services as a way of outsourcing your company’s day-to-day tech issues and responsibilities to a team of IT pros, who work 24/7/365 to ensure your business stays up and running.
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Managed IT Services for Businesses in New York & New Jersey

Well-run technology environments have many moving parts, such as network management, backups, computer and service maintenance, and updates.

Given the complexity of these arrangements, it stands to reason that many businesses – especially small and medium-sized enterprises – may forget to account for these tasks, potentially exposing their operations to risk.

As superheroes in the cybersecurity realm, Tekie Geek delivers managed IT services to help businesses in New York and New Jersey stay productive and running smoothly.

Why Choose a Managed IT Service Provider?

The traditional approach to troubleshooting is to call an hourly IT specialist any time a tech issue occurs. This methodology not only wastes time and money but also proves ineffective in meeting the tech challenges of the modern business world. Managed IT services meet ever-evolving tech and data security needs.

Beyond fixing issues as they arise, managed service providers also ensure your business has comprehensive data protection against various cyber risks. Your infrastructure is multifaceted with several layers, including the network, application, device, and user. Therefore, a multi-level approach is required for data breach, malware, and virus protection.

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With managed IT services from Tekie Geek, your business will achieve adequate protection at every level, which in turn helps to lower security risks. The benefits you will receive by choosing our services include:

Faster Response Times

If you’re like most enterprises, a significant portion of your daily activities – if not all of them – rely on your IT resources. When something is not working or gets compromised, you can’t afford to wait long for a solution. Tekie Geek recognizes how time-sensitive these situations are and works diligently to get your tickets resolved as soon as possible.

Our diverse team is the primary reason we can deliver impressive response times. Our passionate help desk support personnel work efficiently to create tickets and respond to service calls.

Shorter Downtime

Downtime is one of your company’s worst enemies as it can substantially limit productivity. Tekie Geek delivers superior monitoring and maintenance services that can detect and prevent an IT issue before you see it coming. This strategy eliminates downtime, helping your company stay on track with production goals and potentially experience more rapid growth.

We also conduct software updates outside business hours, keeping your staff free from interruptions and ensuring workstations can handle tomorrow’s workload.

Full Recovery Following Disaster Situations

As much as it’s hard to think about, disasters can happen. However, you can have peace of mind knowing your infrastructure and data will still be available with our business continuity disaster recovery solutions. This service includes reverting your company’s virtual state to before the disaster, which can get you back up and running in just minutes. This level of protection safeguards you from all types of adverse circumstances, including natural disasters, cyber crime, and employee error.

With today’s ongoing and increasingly more costly cyber threats, it’s our job to protect what’s most important to your business.

Managed IT Services With Superhero-fast Response Times

IT infrastructure is highly complex, but with assistance from Tekie Geek, you can achieve a more secure and efficient framework. The services we provide include:  

  • Cybersecurity risk assessments: We perform an initial evaluation of possible threats to your data security and ongoing tests to monitor protection.
  • User policy best practices: We augment user policies by providing employees with training and password management tools for resetting their own passwords.
  • Office365 licenses: We provide licensing for cloud-based communications that incorporates premium third-party security measures, email encryption, and SaaS backup protection.
  • Dark Web monitoring: Our automated surveillance of Dark Web activity will alert you of possible breaches and password leaks that can lead to risk.
  • Help desk support: In addition to an in-house help desk team, we provide unlimited remote support for troubleshooting concerns.
  • Advanced endpoint protection: We provide automatic reviews of network, server, and workstation endpoints to confirm they are updated and secure.
  • Cyber damage and recovery insurance: This protection guards your business and revenue if security measures fail.
  • 24/7/365 monitoring: Our continuous supervision ensures threats are detected and handled efficiently.
  • Phishing campaigns: We provide email compromise protection by investigating possible incidents of phishing, which is when cyber criminals attempt to obtain sensitive user information through email.
  • Employee PII training: We educate your staff on personally identifiable information (PII), or data linked to an individual that can directly or indirectly reveal their identity.
  • Real threat hunting: We proactively scan networks to locate possible cyber threats that may go unnoticed.
  • SaaS protection: This service encompasses backups for Office 365/G-Suite and email security through capabilities like spam filtering.
  • Business class SD-WAN firewall: We help enterprises achieve safer networks by offering a firewall that observes incoming and outgoing traffic on software-defined area networks.
  • Secure access: Whether you want to ensure your IT resources are safe when employees work remotely and wish to provide secure access to files from any location, Tekie Geek has the tools you need.
  • Multifaceted protection strategy: With our extensive package of IT outsourcing services, you can rest easy knowing our team of IT consultants has your back.
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Seek Managed IT Services from Reliable Computer Consultants in New York & New Jersey

Navigating the challenges of IT security and the many digital threats pervading the internet can be overwhelming. If your business is uncertain about your level of IT protection, turn to Tekie Geek for customer-centric managed IT services and expertise. With our team of IT superheroes on your side, you can focus on what matters most: keeping your business running and successful. For more information about our services for enterprises in New York and New Jersey, contact us today.

Risk Assessments
Advanced Endpoint Protection
Multi-faceted protection strategy
In-house helpdesk
Office 365 Licenses
SaaS Protection (SPAM Filtering, Secure Emails, and Backups for Office 365/G-Suite)
Unlimited Remote Support
Dark Web Monitoring
Password Management Tool
Real Threat Hunting
Business class SD-WAN Firewall
Employee PII Training
Phishing Campaigns
24/7/365 Monitoring
Business Continuity
Secure Remote Access
Secure Anywhere File Access

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