Co-Managed IT

For when you need to supplement your IT department with outside expertise to keep your business running smoothly.

Co-Managed IT Services

Your business faces a dilemma: You need help navigating complex IT networks and systems, yet you don’t need or have the budget to outsource IT management entirely. This is where co-managed IT comes into play. This service combines the framework of an in-house IT department with the expertise and support of a managed service provider. Businesses in New York and New Jersey can find customer-centric co-managed IT at Tekie Geek to augment their cybersecurity measures.

What Is Co-Managed IT?

The co-managed IT service approach enables businesses to get assistance from an outsourced provider while maintaining their internal team. Compare this with managed IT, which is when the provider takes the place of an in-house IT department.

With co-managed IT, your business will experience increased efficiency. By gaining added help with IT services, your organization can enhance its capabilities while also relying on the provider’s resources to better meet daily objectives.

Co-managed IT also gives you more control of your internal staff. It prevents you from needing to hire more personnel to handle growing IT management tasks. This can be especially helpful if your existing team cannot handle additional IT duties.

Our Co-Management Services

While the main goal of co-managed IT is to supplement the IT team at a company, how this relationship works may look different for each business. Furthermore, as your needs may change over time, co-management is designed for flexibility. Some of the co-managed IT services you will receive by partnering with Tekie Geek include:

  • Data security evaluations
  • User policy best practices (employer training, password management, user access control, etc.)
  • Business continuity plans with disaster recovery strategies
  • Cloud data protection, which includes:
    Office 365 licenses for cloud-based communications
    Encrypted emails
    Software as a service (SaaS) backup protection
  • Automated Dark Web monitoring
  • Unlimited help desk support
  • Automated handling of network, servers, and workstations

While these services are similar to the ones we offer for managed IT, the important distinction is that co-managed IT doesn’t replace your IT department and isn’t intended as a project-based solution. Instead, co-managed IT augments the efforts of the existing IT department.

Businesses that Most Benefit from Co-Managed IT

Establishing whether your business needs co-managed IT or fully managed IT outsourcing from a service provider can be challenging. Co-managed IT works best in these corporate scenarios:

New Project on the Way

If your enterprise is preparing for a new initiative, you might want to consider co-managed IT. This service can help you complete all tasks related to the project without straining your existing resources. It can facilitate a more seamless transition as your company adjusts to accommodate the undertaking.

IT Team Can’t Keep Up with Growth

Between new projects and employees leaving the company, maintaining a solid IT department can be difficult. While you can hire more staff members, this can be a time-consuming process, especially since you can’t always tell how well a person will thrive in your company by their resume or interview alone. Co-managed IT offers a more efficient alternative to finding and retaining new IT employees.

Knowledge Gap Holding Back IT Operations

In business, a knowledge gap occurs when a company develops a goal but doesn’t have the expertise necessary to achieve it. From an IT perspective, knowledge gaps can expose your organization to considerable risk. If there are skills outside your current team’s scope of expertise, investing in co-managed IT can eliminate this knowledge gap and boost the likelihood your IT department will accomplish key objectives.

Choosing the Right Managed Service Provider

Once you determine that co-managed IT makes the most sense for achieving your needs, you should seek these services from an IT consultant. To pick the ideal managed service provider for your business, take the following aspects into account:

  • Services offered
  • Approach to communication
  • Details of the contract
  • Level of expertise and experience
  • Equipment, technology, and software used
  • Overall cost

Seek Co-Managed IT Services from a Trusted Computer Consultant

Co-managed IT from Tekie Geek can provide your business with peace of mind for your technology needs, including data security. Our team of IT superheroes can supplement your existing IT resources to deliver exceptional security, mitigate downtime, and respond to issues at lightning-fast speeds. Between co-managed IT and our other core services, we work to keep businesses in New York and New Jersey thriving no matter what IT challenges come their way. To learn more about the solutions we offer and how we can help your business excel, contact us today.

24/7/365 Monitoring
Advanced Backup Verification
Advanced Endpoint Protection
Dark Web Monitoring
Business class SD-WAN Firewall
Email Solutions (Office 365, G-Suite)
Ransomware Detection
Employee PII Training
Remote File Access
Risk Assessments
SaaS Protection (SPAM Filtering, Secure Emails, and Backups for Office 365/G-Suite)
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