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The Superheroes of Cyber Security!

What makes Tekie Geek unique?

Mike Bloomfield

President Geek

Mike is Staten Island’s most trusted IT Advisor, with a passion for network and data security. His passion for technology started at an early age and has continued to ensure that he is always at the forefront of all technological advances. Before being President Geek of Tekie Geek, Mike held such positions like IT/Research and Development Director and Manager of Product Engineering in the corporate world.

Mike is regularly published in numerous IT publications like Tech Decisions, ChannelPro Magazine, and Channel Executive. He is also recognized as an Amazon bestselling author for his book, Hack Proof Your Business - Volume 2. Mike has been honored with many local and industry awards, such as the Lou Miller Award, King of Staten Island, Stars Under 40, SIEDC 20 Under 40, and Channel Futures MSP 501.

When Mike isn’t focusing on his business, he’s spending time with his beautiful wife and daughters. He’s a true geek at heart and it becomes quite obvious when you start to talk Game of Thrones or Star Wars with him.

Nicole Bloomfield

Vice President

Nicole and Mike joined forces to establish Tekie Geek in 2012, in order to provide enterprise-level IT practices and solutions to small businesses in need- with small business prices, of course. As a Staten Island native, Nicole has been involved in the community for as long as she can remember. She is part of the Chamber of Commerce, Business Guild 2, and previously on the YPG Council. Nicole supports many charities and was recently named one of the top 10 finalists in the 1010 Wins Small Business Grant Challenge. Together, Nicole and Mike assembled a team of cyber superheroes to aid in their quest.

Christina Friscia

Marketing Superhero

Initially self-taught, Christina has watched her passion for IT grow larger and larger. Although she has lived in Staten Island her whole life, she has worked with countless companies across the country to help locate the right marketing and sales solutions to mold to their business perfectly. After joining the Tekie Geek Team, Christina is confident she will use her superpowers to propel their businesses to the next level and beyond!

Julia Denmark

Executive Superhero

Havingrecently been united with the Tekie Geek team, Julia is a confident, happy soulwho analyzes, organizes, and brainstorms potential ideas as well as tackles anyexisting projects going on with the team. Julia manages events and provides back-officesupport for our tech-superheroes from deep within our secret lair!

Cheyanne Gonzalez

Sales Superhero

Meet Cheyanne, our Sales Superhero. With her years of experience in sales, customer service, relations, and business communications, she helps connect the bridge between what your business' cyber needs are, and why Tekie Geek is the managed service provider to call to save the day. Her number 1 priority is to help clients find the right solutions for their business.

Joshua Braverman

Tier 2 Superhero

Josh has been a tech superhero since 2017. Having graduated from DeVry University with a BA in Computer Information Systems, Josh has elite knowledge when it comes to technology. He is constantly teaching himself new things, researching methods and new tech products in order to keep up with his passion. Josh has previously worked in different technical positions which eventually shaped him into the lead IT Geek! When it comes to his clients, Josh has all hands-on-deck and is ready to solve whatever problem may surface.

Joey Robinson

Tier 2 Superhero

Joey is one of Tekie Geek’s newest superheroes. Passionate about IT since high school, Joey took computer repair training and then pursued training at South Bronx Job Corps and Year UP NYC where he became A+ certified. His fields of study were IT Support and Q & A. Working for clients such as Svenska Handelsbanken, IGT and Belkin Burden Goldman has given Joey the ability to adapt to new environments which in return, allows him to enrich the experience of users who need an IT issue resolved by viewing problems from a different perspective.

Jon Allen

Tier 1 Superhero

With only a high school education under his belt, Jon joined Tekie Geek in August of 2019. Mike took a chance with adding Jon to the team- but boy did he make the right decision! Jon went from zero to hero in no time! Having a background in customer service, Jon is always putting his clients at ease. He is constantly working to advance his IT superpowers and finds great satisfaction in devising solutions using the latest technical tools and advancements.

Max Berliner

Tier 1 Superhero

Max always wanted to work in the IT field. Over the course of the Covid-19 pandemic, Max began online classes, experimenting with tools and building his own computers from scratch for his loved ones. He wanted to professionally be involved with IT and felt the need to help others with any issues they may come across- from there he joined our forces at Tekie Geek and Max was finally able to pursue his #1 dream career! When he isn’t researching new technology, you’ll either find Max cheffing it up in the kitchen or working on his motorcycle!

Garrett Sklar

Tier 1 Superhero

Garrett is a Staten Island resident who graduated from Binghamton University with a BA in mechanical engineering. Our superhero Garrett specializes in designing, analyzing, and maintaining mechanical systems. He loves playing video games in his pastime, has a passion for animals and is highly experienced in 3D printing and modeling! Garrett sometimes accompanies Jimmy in his fieldwork attempts to save the day for clients!

James Wilcox

Field Superhero

“Jimmy” is our vigorous field superhero here at Tekie Geek. The early stages of Jimmy’s career were based around communications and then eventually the auto industry where he worked for a decade. He then joined our line of superheroes in August of 2017 and has been the one to help wire up majority of our clients! During his free time, Jimmy loves watching the Mets and enjoys traveling and exploring places around the country.

Rob Battaglia

Field Superhero

No one could snake a wall as fast as Rob! He's been in the security and cameras business for 30+ years now, and he's always our go-to field geek when we have work that requires his expertise! When it comes to cabling and wiring, he's up there with the best of them. His vibrant and entertaining personality makes him a character all by himself!


Mascot Geek

Troubleshoot is our mascot at Tekie Geek. He was created help protect your IT infrastructure as well as you from hackers, data loss, and anything else that would cause business threatening downtime… basically to make aware ANY dangers that lurk behind the keyboard! When troubleshoot isn’t helping protect your infrastructure, he can be found watching Star Wars in the conference room, playing Mortal Combat in the lobby, or drowning in candy bars in the breakroom.

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