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Mike Bloomfield

President Geek

Mike is Staten Island’s most trusted IT Advisor, with a passion for network and data security. His passion for technology started at an early age and has continued to ensure that he is always at the forefront of all technological advances. Before being President Geek of Tekie Geek, Mike held such positions like IT/Research and Development Director and Manager of Product Engineering in the corporate world.

Mike is regularly published in numerous IT publications like Tech Decisions, ChannelPro Magazine, and Channel Executive. He is also recognized as an Amazon bestselling author for his book, Hack Proof Your Business - Volume 2. Mike has been honored with many local and industry awards, such as the Lou Miller Award, King of Staten Island, Stars Under 40, SIEDC 20 Under 40, and Channel Futures MSP 501.

When Mike isn’t focusing on his business, he’s spending time with his beautiful wife and daughters. He’s a true geek at heart and it becomes quite obvious when you start to talk Game of Thrones or Star Wars with him.

Nicole Bloomfield

Vice President Geek

Nicole has called Staten Island her home her whole life.  Her and Mike founded Tekie Geek in 2012 to provide enterprise-level IT practices and solutions to small businesses, with small business prices.

Nicole is also actively involved in the Staten Island community.  She is a part of The Staten Island Chamber of Commerce, on the Chamber’s Membership Committee, Business Guild 2, and previously on the YPG Council.  She is a supporter of many charities and was recently named one of the top 10 finalists in the 1010 Wins Small Business Grant Challenge.

Christina Friscia

Sales & Marketing Geek

Christina is a native Staten Islander, but has worked with companies across the country to find them sales and marketing solutions to fit their business.

Christina has had a passion for IT and tech for many years now, being self-taught initially, and after joining the Tekie Geek team, is confident she will become one of the women to watch in Tech moving forward

Laura Brink

Marketing Geek

Laura is a recent graduate from the University of Delaware with a BA in Media Communication. She has helped many companies in the NYC area create social media and long form content for their business. While she has always been interested in the tech world, Tekie Geek is her first step into IT.

Laura has had a passion for creating and telling stories through video and social media since she was young. Her love of all things geeky runs deep and she’s excited to get to share that love with the Tekie Geek team.

Joshua Braverman

IT Geek

Joshua is a graduate from DeVry University with a BA in Computer Information Systems. He has worked previously in different technical positions and is now the Lead IT Geek. He has been an IT Geek since May 2017.

Joshua has a strong passion for technology and is always interested in the newest tech products. He is constantly researching and teaching himself new skills that relate to technology. Joshua is attentive and caring when it comes to solving clients’ tech issues and is always willing to lend a helping hand.

Gary Romeo

IT Geek

Gary is a graduate from the College of Staten Island with a BA in Computer Science. Joining Tekie Geek in October 2017, this was his first step in the IT field.

Gary has had a passion for technology from a young age, has worked with computers and tech for most of his life and is always up to date on the newest technological advances.  He is always learning new skills and finding out new ways to assist clients with their tech issues and is always available to help with any problem that arises.

Jon Allen

IT Geek

Jon is the newest Geek with only a high school education. Joining Tekie Geek in August 2019, Mike took a chance on him going from Zero to Hero.

Jon has been around computers for as long as he can remember. Whether it be fixing computers or cars, he always enjoys the satisfaction of learning new things. With a long background of customer service, he is always putting clients at ease and making sure they are taken care of.

James Wilcox

Field Geek

“Jimmy” has a lot of experience as a blue-collar worker.  He started in the communication field and then spent a decade in the auto industry.  He’s been a Field Geek since August 2017 and has helped wire up many of our clients.

During his free time Jimmy watches sports, particularly the New York Mets, and travels around the country.  He’s an avid Game of Thrones fan and his discussions with Mike always turn into a geek-out sessions


Mascot Geek

Troubleshoot was born to help protect your IT Infrastructure and protect you from hackers, data loss, and anything else that could cause business threatening downtime. When Troubleshoot isn't helping protect your infrastructure he can be found watching Star Wars in the conference room, playing Mortal Kombat in the lobby, or downing some candy bars in the breakroom.

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