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It’s no longer a matter of “if” but “when” a real-world threat will compromise your business data. Will you be ready?
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Business Continuity Services in New York & New Jersey

Regardless of industry, data is essential to the success of any business. If you are unsure about the level of protection you currently have to safeguard your data, you should consider a business continuity plan.

At Tekie Geek, we offer business continuity implementations designed to give you peace of mind about your data.

Companies across New York and New Jersey rely on us to deliver outstanding business continuity services.

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Importance of a Reliable Business Continuity Plan

No matter how much you strive to protect your business from disaster scenarios, issues can occur. In these situations, having the proper resources is crucial for securing a successful recovery, every time. Think of the Marvel character Tony Stark. As Iron Man, he is always ready to take on the next villain with his dependable suit and technology. You can look at protecting corporate data the same way – a solid approach can ensure data withstands various cyber threats.

What is a business continuity plan? Simply put, it’s a method for preventing risks from harming a company that incorporates a recovery strategy if these threats do affect business. As the name indicates, business continuity strives to ensure all information is safe and operations can proceed as smoothly as possible should disaster strike.

Without an adequate business continuity plan, your business may face a significant loss. If customers find out about compromised security, they may take their business elsewhere. Recovering from the incident can also be expensive, further shrinking revenue. Ultimately, business continuity may help keep your organization afloat in these circumstances.

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Ransomware: Understanding One of Data’s Biggest Foes

Ransomware is one of the greatest risks to cybersecurity for all businesses, including small and medium-sized enterprises.

This type of malware encrypts files, making all applications and systems in an affected device that rely on the files unusable.

The individual administering the malware will then demand ransom to decrypt the device. Some of the common forms of ransomware include:


Spreading through phishing emails, downloads, or malicious websites, crypto-ransomware encrypts all or part of the files and asks for ransom in exchange for a decryption key.

Locker Ransomware

This malware gets into computer systems to completely obstruct access, blocking the users from accessing the device until they pay the ransom.

Double-Extortion Ransomware

Double-extortion ransomware is highly threatening and occurs when malicious actors encrypt files and export the data, often blackmailing businesses by threatening to publish the stolen information. Since the data is exported, the actor can still use the information against the company even after a backup.

Ransomware-as-a-Service (RaaS)

Like software-as-a-service (SaaS), RaaS happens when cyber criminals rent ransomware from a creator under specific conditions. RaaS is available for purchase on dark net websites. When the criminal infects a device with malware and demands a ransom, the creator will also profit.

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How IT Consultants Can Help Protect Your Business Data

Given the many risks that ransomware and other cybersecurity threats pose, it’s understandable for businesses to feel concerned about their data. If you find your enterprise in this situation, having a managed IT service consultant can help save the day. These IT superheroes have the expertise and resources to support you when you need them most.

At Tekie Geek, we offer many business continuity solutions to help safeguard your data. By partnering with us, you receive a recovery plan tailored to your operations. This plan gets filed into our documentation system so our team members can refer to it for recovery.

We use image-based backups to capture a more accurate picture of your server or workstation. These images are immediately restorable and rebooted quickly during recovery since they can transfer between virtual and physical systems with the click of a button. Additionally, these backups are resilient to ransomware, allowing for seamless restoration.

Other Features of Our Business Continuity Services

The most effective business continuity plan recognizes the complex nature of cybersecurity. Besides data loss prevention and recovery, Tekie Geek also delivers a host of additional features, such as:

Bare metal restore with fast failback allows backed-up data to revert to its original form, irrespective of the requirements of the existing operating system or software.

Diskless restore makes a previous version of data on CAM server disks available to CAM server hardware.

Rapid rollback enables businesses to gradually revert changed data on production machines to pre-backup conditions without needing to reformat the hardware.

File restore involves copying backup files from auxiliary storage and moving them to the original or a new location.

Instant virtualization equips businesses to virtualize and host protected systems locally, on the cloud, or via other systems with nominal downtime.

Hybrid virtualization works to develop several virtual systems within a single physical environment.

Advanced backup verification permits a user to implement automatic security checks and receive health reports on backups.

Ransomware detection seeks to find ransomware sooner to mitigate or prevent extensive damage.

We provide award-winning assistance with Recovery Time Objective (RTO), how soon after a disaster can a system be accessible again, and Recovery Point Objective (RPO), how much data loss the application can sustain.

Workstation and server protection safeguards the software and hardware that stores data, as well as the devices used for completing digital tasks.

SaaS protection (Office 365 and G-Suite) defends the various SaaS applications that employees use.

Network downtime prevention limits the amount of time a network remains inaccessible following a disaster.

Infinite cloud retention plans deliver a means for users to store an unlimited amount of data in a cloud without being restricted by time.

Daily backup tests evaluate how well a company can duplicate and retrieve data if a cybersecurity threat occurs.

Monthly virtualization tests ensure that virtualized infrastructure stays secure.

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Trust a Managed Service Provider in New York & New Jersey for Business Continuity

A well-defined business continuity plan could be just what your organization needs to stay on top and ward off malicious attacks.

Tekie Geek takes a customer-centric approach to business continuity, providing you with the tools necessary to have mission-critical infrastructure running again in just minutes with minimal downtime.

Our team of IT consultant superheroes is prepared to help you navigate various types of threat situations, from natural disasters to cyber attacks.

Contact us today to learn more about our business continuity services for companies in New York and New Jersey.

Bare Metal Restore with Fast Failback
Diskless Restore
Rapid Rollback
File Restore
Instant Virtualization
Hybrid Virtualization
Advanced Backup Verification
Ransomware Detection
Award Winning RTO and RPO
Workstation & Server Protection
SaaS Protection (Office 365 & G-Suite)
Network Downtime Prevention
Infinite Cloud Retention Plans
Daily Backup Tests
Monthly Virtualization Tests

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