Business Continuity

It’s no longer a matter of “if” but “when” a real-world threat will compromise your business data. Will you be ready?

Are you confident that your business is prepared to never lose its data?

Did you hesitate for just a second? If you did, this is one area you certainly don’t want to have to worry about. Tony Stark never hesitated for a second when he was in danger. He trusted his suit and Jarvis. He designed his system so that he would know it would be there when he needed it, without worry. Your business data is no different and your infrastructure must be setup in a way that no matter what is thrown at it, you are confident you will NEVER lose what is most important to you.

With our Business Continuity implementations, you can confidently say you will never lose business data. Our business continuity offerings are more than just backups. We are providing superior business continuity plans that protect your business from revenue crippling downtime. If disaster strikes, we can have your servers back up and running within a matter of minutes to keep your team working. Did we also mention that can take backups as often as every 5 minutes, so you never have to worry about losing data.

Reliability That Would Impress Spiderman

For any business, it’s crucial to have the options needed to recover from a disaster scenario readily available, in an instant, at your fingertips. More importantly, it’s absolutely critical that these options work successfully, every time. Reliability is always at our forefront.

Who’s the one superhero you think of as always reliable, always there for those who need him most? For us, it’s Spiderman, and our business continuity solutions would impress even the most reliable of superhero and scare off even the cruelest of Villains. Our solutions use image-based backups to capture a complete picture of your protected workstation or server. These fully constructed images boot quickly during the recovery process, and can be migrated from physical to virtual machines or vice versa, all with the click of a button. All snapshots are instantly restorable. The simplicity and strength of the Datto SIRIS solution gives you peace of mind like never before, so when you get a call at 3AM about a data disaster, you’ll be confident in knowing it’s handled.

Point in Time Rollbacks Eliminate Ransomware Impact

Ransomware is a real threat for small-medium sized businesses that can not only take down business operations temporarily, but also bankrupt businesses entirely. SIRIS, with point in time rollback, empowers businesses to recover from disasters. SIRIS’ simple preventative measures allows everyone to forget that ransomware ever happened with the click of just a few buttons.

Our backups are resilient to ransomware. The backup chain is not compromised when ransomware strikes, so restores can get businesses fully back up and running.

Go Back in Time When Disaster Strikes

Not all superheroes have superpowers. Some just have super tools! We are no different than Tony Stark, Bruce Wayne, or our favorite for this example, Marty McFly. If disaster does strike, your critical business infrastructure and business data is protected by its very own time machine. Using our super tools, we just set the clock and jump back in time to before disaster struck and get you back up and running.

This is what we call our Business Continuity Disaster Recovery solution.

Our super tools paired with our super speed keeps costly downtime to an absolute bare minimum. We can have your critical infrastructure back up and running in a matter of minutes! Best of all, this helps protect your business from all types of disasters that can possibly occur, including natural disasters like hurricanes, floods and tornadoes, cyber disasters like hackers, ransomware and malware, human and employee error, or anything else that can be thrown at us.

Sit back and wait as we get up to 88 mph to jump back in time to get your data back!

More Than Just a Solution. We Provide a Full Business Continuity Plan

What good is a solution if there is no recovery plan in place?

Take a look at what happened to the city of Atlanta in 2018:

Atlanta was hit with a $52,000 ransom in 2018, but rather than pay the ransom, they attempted to recover the data themselves since they had backups of their critical infrastructure. The bad news- they had absolutely no recovery plan and in the end, the recovery of their systems and data cost Atlanta over $2.6 million and critical city infrastructure was down for weeks, some for months!

Now the good news- we provide a written Business Continuity recovery plan that details your business’ recovery plan should disaster ever strike. This plan is also loaded into our documentation system, so no matter when disaster strikes, any of our heroes can refer to the recovery plan in order to properly recover your infrastructure. Having a recovery and disaster plan doesn’t make you weak. It actually makes a company stronger than the competition. Planning in case of a future disaster is the best way to stay on top. Even the Avengers planned their final attack on Thanos to make sure they came out victoriously!

Bare Metal Restore with Fast Failback
Diskless Restore
Rapid Rollback
File Restore
Instant Virtualization
Hybrid Virtualization
Advanced Backup Verification
Ransomware Detection
Award Winning RTO and RPO
Workstation & Server Protection
SaaS Protection (Office 365 & G-Suite)
Network Downtime Prevention
Infinite Cloud Retention Plans
Daily Backup Tests
Monthly Virtualization Tests

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