Unified Communications

In this digital age, break the invisible chains that keep communications confined to a small office space.

Run Your Business from virtually anywhere!

It’s 2020 and your communications no longer need to end when you leave the office. With Unified Communications you can run your business from anywhere! These unified communication solutions include Voice Over IP phones, video conferencing, email, text, and chat. Your employees can collaborate seamlessly whether that be on a computer in the office or on their mobile device while they are out in the field. Your team can stay connected and productive from anywhere, and we mean anywhere.

Improve interoffice communication with technology that superheroes strive for.

Communications can be a major pain point for small and medium-sized businesses. A fluid communications system helps promote growth and allows for optimal operational efficiency. Unfortunately, many organizations also have trouble managing and maintaining all their communications solutions. This can impede growth and make it difficult to reap the benefits of hard-earned progress.

SMBs that want to maximize the return on the investment of their communications tools should take advantage of a customized Unified Communications Solution from Tekie Geek. Unified Communications is a collective term used to group together several communications solutions that allow for greater collaboration, cooperation, and efficiency on a company-wide scale. By taking advantage of services like Voice Over Internet Protocol, hosted email, and video conferencing, among many others, you can fully leverage your technology and use it to build a better business model.

Allow for instantaneous and thorough communication.

All businesses need email but implementing an email solution needs to be approached in an educated and decisive manner. If your team has a company-wide email solution that is uniform throughout, it will be easier to communicate, and your team will look more professional with their outbound email communications.

Another great part of unified communications is the integration of an instant messaging solution, which allows your team to send and receive urgent messages. This can be helpful if you need immediate responses, rather than dealing with the long, drawn-out conversations that typically happen via email.

With modern technology your team doesn't need to be in the same place to work together.

Collaboration is the name of the game for many modern businesses. Tekie Geek makes available the most useful communications solutions for businesses. Whether your business can utilize the power, speed, and affordability of a Voice over IP solution, or you need a wireless, high definition, multi-touch presentation tool with full video capabilities, Tekie Geek has a solution that you can use to build cooperation and improve your organization’s presentations, ultimately helping with productivity.

More than ever we are living in a digitally connected, remote world. And more than ever, clear business communications are vital to sustaining our livelihoods during these challenging times, creating unprecedented demand for video conferencing which means your digital transformation strategy and business continuity planning never takes a day off. So, while you’re trying to meet the needs of a remote workforce today while planning for tomorrow, one thing is clear: When it comes to video conferencing, everyone wants the same things- ease of use, quality and sustainability. Tekie Geek is here to help.

Communication Heroes

With our solutions, we can help you be a hero at the office, too. We like to call ourselves Communication Heroes in this instance. We provide solutions to fit the needs of your business whether that be just a business phone system, or a complete conference room video system for your collaborative conference room. No matter your needs, Tekie Geek learns about your requirements, goals, and dreams and provides the proper solution to meet your budget. So, say it with us: COMMUNICATION HEROES!

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