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With unified communications, enterprises in NY and NJ can run secure, flexible virtual operations. Find out how from Tekie Geek.

Seek Unified Communications for Your Business in NY and NJ

An increasing emphasis on remote work situations has encouraged more businesses to rethink their communication methods. With everyone working in different locations, these systems need to be accessible outside the office.

This is where Unified Communications comes in — it gives your business flexibility to continue operations from anywhere and fosters collaboration between employees in a virtual workspace. With Unified Communications from Tekie Geek, small and medium-sized businesses across New York and New Jersey can experience higher productivity levels while ensuring teams stay connected.

What Is Unified Communications?

Communication can be integral to the success of small and medium-sized enterprises. An adaptable communications system can empower greater operational efficiency, employee motivation, and unity among departments, which may lead to more growth. Conversely, a company that struggles to manage its communications system can experience significant stagnation.

Unified Communications from Tekie Geek enable these smaller businesses to maintain communications solutions that deliver on their promises to connect personnel on your team. The term Unified Communications doesn’t refer to a specific device or system — it’s an approach to communications that encompasses multiple tools designed to augment company-wide collaboration and efficiency.

What Comprises Unified Communications Solutions?

By implementing a Unified Communications strategy, your business will use several technologies to connect employees. Combining these resources can enable you to enhance the business model overall. Common elements of Unified Communications include:

- Email
- Text
- Video conferencing
- Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP)

Another key aspect of Unified Communications is instant messaging. Email is usually the primary means of contacting employees with details of upcoming projects, HR-related content, or more in-depth questions. However, instant messaging can be beneficial for quick or urgent questions and concerns that require immediate answers.

Our Unified Communications Services

Few modern organizations can succeed without a well-organized approach to collaboration. For instance, consider email — businesses that employ a standardized, company-wide email approach achieve smooth communications and come off as more professional with outbound messages.

At Tekie Geek, our IT consultants leverage their expertise to deliver some of the most valuable communications resources available for businesses. Our priority is always the client, meaning we can tailor our communications solutions to meet your distinct needs. With our Unified Communications services, our goal is to help you reduce costs without sacrificing quality.

Does your company require the power, speed, and budget-friendly aspects of VoIP? Or are you looking for a video solution that provides high-definition, wireless, and multi-touch capabilities for engaging presentations? No matter the case, Unified Communications from Tekie Geek can facilitate better company communication and potentially boost productivity.

Other Features

Like our other core IT services, Unified Communications is rich with the features you need to conduct daily tasks. Additional functions we offer include:

Email Solutions

Whether your company uses Microsoft Office 365, G-Suite, or a similar email service, Tekie Geek will help you streamline communications in virtual work settings.

Cloud VoIP Solutions

With VoIP, your business can make phone calls using an internet connection instead of a traditional analog phone line. This can widen employee access to voice conversations when everyone works remotely.

Conference Room Solutions

With more effective conference room management, you can promote better communication about reserved times for different teams, avoiding double bookings and ensuring optimal use of on-site meeting spaces.

Instant Messaging

As mentioned, adding instant messaging to your communication options enables you to designate less complex (but more pressing) concerns to one service while reserving others for email,phone, or video conferencing.

Remote File Access

Make it easier for remote team members to retrieve the files they need to perform duties with Unified Communications solutions from Tekie Geek.

Cloud Management

As computer consultants, the team at Tekie Geek has extensive experience with cloud computing.We ensure all Unified Communications solutions are managed in the cloud, allowing your organization to transition smoothly to virtual communications in a remote workplace.

Emphasis on Security

For all our services, we stress cybersecurity to ensure your business stays safe from digital scams that can cause significant harm. We strive to ensure all communication solutions are equipped with ample security measures so you can have greater peace of mind in remote or hybrid situations.

Trust a Managed Service Provider for Unified Communications

As the world becomes more digitized and remote work becomes more widespread, the need for effective business communications will only increase. As such, companies will need to work continually to strengthen their digital transformation strategies and business continuity plans.

The IT superheroes at Tekie Geek recognize how challenging it can be to establish a well-defined communications system under remote work conditions. We deliver customized communications solutions to meet the unique needs of our clients in New York and New Jersey. Contact us today to learn more about our Unified Communications and other IT services.

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