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With more organizations conducting all or a significant portion of processes digitally, data has become one of the most important assets in the business world. By leveraging data, companies can boost revenue and productivity, better meet customer demands, and troubleshoot issues. As vital as data is, it can also expose businesses to security risks.

Since cyber risks are many, your company requires a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy that safeguards your data against breaches, malware, viruses, and similar threats. Serving organizations across Staten Island, NY, and New Jersey, Tekie Geek delivers the data security services you need to keep your business up and running.

Why Is Data Security Important?

Data security is an all-encompassing term for every practice designed to protect corporate information. A data security policy will feature provisions for safeguarding software applications and guidelines for how employees should carry out processes to promote secure use, among other components.

A robust data security approach will protect a business from falling prey to cyber attacks from outside agents and help prevent internal threats and problems stemming from human error. It should also provide more knowledge of where specific data is stored and how teams use it.

What Makes for Effective Data Security?

While data security consists of multiple elements, there are three primary components that all companies should consider, often labeled the CIA triad. The acronym refers to the following aspects:

  • Confidentiality: This measure ensures that only authorized employees can enter certain apps and systems through credentials and other authentication elements. It also may restrict locations within datasets to only the users who must access them.
  • Integrity: No changes should occur with corporate data unless authorized users make them. Integrity verifies that all information is accurate and protected against unwarranted modifications.
  • Availability: Although data access should be limited to prevent a cybersecurity issue, those cleared to handle data should be able to retrieve this information quickly when needed. Any obstructions can suggest a ransomware attack or similar concern.

The Elements of Strong Data Security

Adequate data security accounts for the various challenges your business may face when protecting sensitive information. Therefore, having a multifaceted data security plan is crucial for maintaining the proper level of protection. The following are some key elements of data security:

  • Access control: Restricts access to data to ensure only those permitted to use them have access
  • Authentication: Involves having employees input credentials, such as passwords or security tokens, before gaining access to devices, apps, and systems
  • Backup and recovery: Implements a process for safely restoring data should a breach, system failure, or other incident occur
  • Data erasure: Provides a means for securely removing data when no longer needed
  • Data loss prevention: Employs tactics to ensure personal data collected from customers, employees, and other users is safeguarded against loss
  • Data resilience: Evaluates the possible threats to data privacy to augment security
  • Encryption: Uses computer algorithms to conceal sensitive information, making it visible only to the eyes allowed to see it
  • Identity and access management: Delegates access based on each employee’s tasks to protect data better
  • Incident response plan: Details how your business will react when data security problems arise to mitigate their impact and prevent future instances
  • Secure access service edge: Enables companies that operate remotely or follow a hybrid model to provide security to employees working from different locations  
  • Third-party risk management: Assesses third-party organizations involved in data security to ensure they respect your data security protocols

Our Data Security Services

Data security is complex and handling the numerous aspects of crafting a solid strategy for protecting corporate information can be challenging. For this reason, many businesses seek guidance with data security from a managed IT provider like Tekie Geek.

Our team of cybersecurity superheroes has the experience and resources to help your business maintain data security on multiple levels. With our managed IT services, you can avoid common cybersecurity threats such as email phishing and ransomware. If you do encounter a risk that results in data loss, we also can help you restore your apps and system to their state before the incident.

In addition to managed IT services, you may consider our help with business continuity. Business continuity plans dictate what procedures your company will follow if disaster strikes and can provide added peace of mind about your data security.

Seek IT Outsourcing to Enhance Data Security at Your Business

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