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Secure your operational business functions in NY and NJ with up-to-date data protection. Trust the IT superheroes at Tekie Geek.

Data Protection and Backups for Businesses in New York and New Jersey

Every industry and type of business uses computers for operations and to store data. Depending on how data protection and backups are designed for your business, this important digital information may be vulnerable to hackers, ransomware, environmental disasters, human error, or other dangers. Take advantage of the data protection and business continuity services offered by Tekie Geek to increase security at your company in New York or New Jersey.

Data loss prevention is one of our specialties. We use image-based data security, protection, and backups. Through accurate visualization of servers and workstations, we can quickly restore data that may have been compromised or misplaced. Tekie Geek will assign IT consultants to analyze the digital data requirements for safeguarding your business and help set up effective, comprehensive backup systems tailored to your operation.

Why Choose Backup Services for Data Protection?

When Tekie Geek staff are assigned to your business, the first thing we do is carefully analyze your IT operations for digital safety and security. Looking at your business as a whole helps us make insightful recommendations for data recovery systems. In addition, we create specific, customized IT disaster recovery plans.

Through our experience helping clients recover from both digital attacks and natural disasters, we can steer you toward proven software, data protection, and backup systems with confidence. We also can help you implement these systems and regularly monitor your digital business functions with our managed IT services.

Rely on our expertise in data loss prevention, cloud computing, and IT problem-solving. The combination of our up-to-date IT skills and practiced vigilance will greatly benefit your business security. Tekie Geek also offers cybersecurity risk assessments that identify potential threats and incorporate regulatory requirements that affect your industry.

Constant Backups Save the Day

By implementing a system of constant backups, our Tekie Geek IT consultants can restore and replace digital data. In other words, your information will be recovered, and the business will be up and running in a short amount of time. There are a variety of methods we use to help ensure data protection, including:

  • Restoration of digital files through virtual backup systems
  • Proactive detection of ransomware to prevent damage to business systems
  • Testing backup systems regularly for accuracy, efficiency, and resiliency
  • Failback systems enable backups that preserve original data
  • Automatic security checks and reports
  • Systems for the prevention of network downtime after disasters
  • Encryption to protect sensitive data

Constant backups are only one method we use for data protection at businesses in New York and New Jersey. Many business owners want technically advanced systems in place to protect their business and its clients but may not have the resources to stay abreast of new cybersecurity risks, institute best practices, or keep up with regulations that are legally required for data protection.

The services offered by Tekie Geek can do more than save the day. We can handle IT tasks and security for business owners so you can get on with serving your clients and taking care of your employees.

We Prioritize Customer Service

Business owners understand the importance of customer service. And at Tekie Geek, we provide friendly, responsive service for all our clients. We understand you don't want to wait for a callback and that you need understandable answers to questions and concerns. Our services are intended to help protect your business by safeguarding data regarding employees, clients, and your business. If an incident occurs that puts your digital data at risk, we will be there with backup data, tools to prevent further harm, and assistance with putting your digital infrastructure right again.

We also can work with your employees to help them understand and use best practices for digital safety. We institute password management tools, provide training on personally identifiable information (PII) for staff, and assist with extra precautions and access security for employees who work remotely. As an expert managed service provider, Tekie Geek offers technical services that will help your company, employees, and customers operate more safely in the digital world.

Ensure the Security of Your Business Data With Tekie Geek

Data protection and backup services are some of the most important aspects of modern business because data breaches cause harm to customers and employees and carry significant costs. In New York or New Jersey, Tekie Geek services can help whether your employee records are hacked, your CEO becomes the target of duplicitous phishing campaigns, or there is an extreme weather event in the forecast. With expert technical assistance from a competent proven IT service provider, you can get back to business quickly with the least amount of damage. Contact us today to connect with one of our IT superheroes.

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