User Policies

User policies provide best practices for cybersecurity protection.

User Policies for Clients in New York and New Jersey

Every business owner understands cybersecurity is important. In today's networked environments, it's sometimes too easy for employees to unknowingly introduce a computer virus or for criminals to access sensitive information. That’s why many businesses choose managed IT services to keep networks running smoothly and safely. Tekie Geek, a top provider of managed IT and related services in New York and New Jersey, recommends the adoption of security-conscious user policies for our clients.

Keep Your Business Network Safe and Secure

Many businesses choose to rely on technology experts to handle network management, regular backups of data and documents, computer maintenance, and software upgrades. The staff at Tekie Geek provides expertise on all aspects of computer and network security, including advice on network organization, new technology interfaces, customer service systems, mechanical and wiring know-how, and state-of-the-art camera security. Most importantly, we quickly respond to problems, and our goal is to limit and eliminate network downtimes. 

Control Data Access With Tekie Geek User Policies

Tekie Geek staff will carefully examine your network systems and users when developing specific user policies for your operation. However, there are several main avenues for instituting improvements to cybersecurity at your business.

Employee Training

This is where most IT security begins, with employees who access data, handle confidential information, and interact with customers. Whether you are a solopreneur or employ hundreds of staff, many of the same employee training principles apply. Tekie Geek can help you design online training programs that put everyone on the same page. We can also analyze your system to find any weaknesses in employee operations.

Secure Passwords

We can assist you in automating secure password systems and work with employees to help them utilize best practices. Understanding that passwords often form the underpinning of secure systems is the first step. Regularly updating passwords, including secondary security protocols, and monitoring password implementation is also key to maintaining a secure and legal network.

Controlled Access

Passwords are used to control the availability of data on your business IT network. However, controlled access measures make sure that only the employees who need information have access to it. These employees are usually trained in the legalities and business imperatives that come with appropriate access to confidential information. Tekie Geek can help you control access in ways that also enable productivity.

Limited Document Sharing

In addition to controlled access to information, limits to document sharing make a big difference when it comes to protecting the security of your network, as well as sensitive business information. Employees may inadvertently attach documents to emails or otherwise share documents that are private if specific controls aren’t in place. 

Protect Your Company With Tekie Geek’s Managed IT

We can help you integrate all the parts of your business to create a coherent online presence and user-friendly network operations. At the same time, we can work with your stakeholders and employees to ensure data security. Businesses today regularly access their data to improve productivity or respond to consumer demands. While data needs to be available to qualified users, it should also be secure. 

Tekie Geek can analyze your current system and suggest improvements. Depending on the nature of your enterprise, you may be required to access confidential information. We can provide the know-how and secure systems that deter data breaches. And we can help train employees in best practices that honor the integrity of your business and the privacy of your customers and employees.

To improve cybersecurity for small businesses, or larger operations with an existing IT team, Tekie Geek also offers co-managed IT services. An alternative model to manage network services, we can work along with your home team, providing additional expertise and capabilities when necessary. This flexible partnership option allows you to fill gaps in technical knowledge and keep staff sizes at the same level. In addition, our services can supply you with extra hands during periods of business growth and expansion.

Disaster planning is another aspect of our services that can greatly benefit your business. We bring an outside perspective and analysis to your organization, as well as experience with disaster recovery of data and systems. Let us help secure the operations of your business if it faces environmental disasters or criminal intent.

Consult with Tekie Geek for Secure IT

Tekie Geek IT consultants are available to aid your efforts in cybersecurity. User policies are one aspect of the managed IT services we provide to businesses in New York and New Jersey. We understand the dangers and troubles inherent in IT networks. Let our IT superheroes help you keep your business up and running. For more information, contact us today.

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