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We provide managed IT services that improve your protection against computer viruses. Trust the IT superheroes at Tekie Geek.

Computer Virus Protection in New York and New Jersey

When you receive a notification about your computer’s antivirus software, you might dismiss it without a second thought. But virus protection is crucial, especially for businesses. Once a virus spreads throughout your network, it can lead to unexpected downtime and service interruptions, or even cause you to lose customers. Regardless of your industry, you need to have a plan in place to prevent cybersecurity threats like viruses.

At Tekie Geek, we offer managed IT services with extensive security protection. Our customers in New York and New Jersey know they can count on us for protection against viruses and other threats. With 24/7/365 monitoring, we detect and contain viruses before they spread. Learn more about our computer virus protection solutions and other services.

What Is a Computer Virus?

Computer viruses are a type of malware – a program or code designed to harm a computer or system. A computer virus creates copies of itself to spread to other parts of a network. The goal of a virus usually is to disrupt a system to gain access to private data, whether it’s customer records, financial information, or other files.

These viruses can be transmitted via email, software packs, downloadable files, or other host applications. They require some kind of action from an end user to spread, such as clicking a link in an email or opening an infected attachment. Phishing scams, for example, often look like legitimate emails. By convincing a user to provide their credentials, click a link, or download a file, these social engineering attacks can be used to spread viruses.

Thus, preventing computer viruses requires a good software solution that scans your entire system and removes suspicious files. But you also need to invest in your human capital: training employees to recognize and report potential viruses can help stop attacks before they take down your whole network.

Our Computer Virus Protection Services

If you run a small or medium-sized business, you may not have the resources in-house to create and implement comprehensive cybersecurity protections. Tekie Geek is here to save the day: as a managed service provider, we offer tailored solutions to all your tech challenges, including protecting you against viruses and other attacks.

Our IT consultant team will start with a comprehensive cybersecurity risk assessment to evaluate your current IT environment and identify any possible threats. Once we understand your needs, we can introduce and manage tools including:

  • Email protection and filtering
  • Dark Web monitoring
  • Cyber damage and recovery insurance
  • Automated monitoring of network, server, and workstation endpoints
  • Proactive threat hunting
  • Data backup and recovery
  • Network firewall

Plus, we can help you implement effective user policies by providing employee training on security best practices, access controls, and more.

Benefits of Managed IT

By working with an experienced computer consultant, you’ll enjoy the latest in virus protection and security monitoring without a major capital expenditure – a boon to any small business with a limited budget. In addition to cost savings, the benefits of using our managed IT services include:

  • Monitoring: Tekie Geek provides 24/7/365 monitoring to detect and contain viruses before they spread.
  • Help desk: Our customers can take advantage of unlimited remote support whenever an issue arises.
  • Rapid deployment: Installing security software by yourself means you’ll need to set aside time to train yourself and your employees. We take those day-to-day tech responsibilities off your hands.
  • Flexibility: Whether you use local hosting, a cloud environment, or a hybrid solution, we can implement improved cybersecurity protections.
  • Improved productivity: Viruses can slow down your computer or cause unexpected system crashes. Our protections stop viruses so your employees can work without interruptions.

If you already have an internal IT team but could use additional support, you can opt for our co-managed IT services. With this approach, you can expand the capacity of your existing department, integrating our cutting-edge solutions to improve data protection and security.

Protect Your Business With Tekie Geek Today

A cybersecurity attack can be catastrophic for a small business. Don’t let a computer virus disrupt your business operations: turn to the experts at Tekie Geek. We serve clients throughout New Jersey and New York. Along with co-managed and managed IT, our services include:

  • Business continuity: We design tailored recovery plans to help you get up and running after a disruption to your business.
  • Cloud computing: We’ll help you use and manage cloud hosting and storage so you can work from anywhere and still be productive.
  • Unified communications: Support hybrid and remote work with our email, videoconferencing, and VoIP tools.

Ready to learn more? Call Tekie Geek at 347-830-7322 or contact us online today.

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