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Businesses of all sizes (Small, Medium and Large) can suffer severe negative consequences if their critical data is not securely backed up locally and at an offsite location. A fire, power surge, hardware failure, natural disaster or even basic operator error can wipe out years of data. According to IDC (a leading market research firm), less than 40% of all small to medium size businesses properly and regularly back up their data. Also, more than 70% of small business close there doors within 1 year of a full data loss.

Tekie Geek is here to help you from becoming another bad statistic. We are here to perform a free Business Continuity Assessment and show you how Datto provides Intelligent Business Continuity in a complete disaster situation with an absolutely free demo. Seeing is believing and we are sure that after seeing this demo, you will be ready to protect your business with only the best.

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