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Inverse Chain Technology

Datto developed a smarter backup process, with Inverse Chain Technology

Inverse Chain Technology

Datto developed a smarter backup process, with Inverse Chain Technology™. This proprietary technology eliminates problems in the backup chain, where most problems occur in the backup process. This feature is included in all SIRIS and ALTO devices.

Each time a backup occurs data is saved in a universal virtual file format (VMDK). These backups are not dependent on previous snapshots allowing for freedom over changing retention and deleting snapshots without resetting the chain or dropping a new base image. Since each backup is a fully bootable virtual machine, there is no need for a conversion to occur before performing a restore. With no complicated rollup or restore processes, data is always available immediately both on-site and off-site.

Datto’s Inverse Chain Technology™ avoids broken backup chains and enables virtualization to happen almost instantaneously.

How Inverse Chain Technology Works

Backup Insights

Would you like the power to see what happened between any two backup points?

Backup Insights

Would you like the power to see what happened between any two backup points? Has your client ever asked to find a folder that was deleted, and you need to know when? Or, how do you determine which files were affected by a virus? Backup Insights can give you the answers.

Backup Insights has the ability to identify file and application changes between any two backup points. It can recover files and applications directly from the interface with almost no information about when they were lost or even where on the machine they resided. Users can intelligently track trends over time to see what files have been created, modified and deleted. This tool is extremely easy to use and can be accessed right from the user interface. In a matter of seconds you can simultaneously mount points and see all files broken down with an easy to read file tree.

Backup Insights is one of the biggest innovations in BDR and business continuity in the last decade. Never before have you had the capability to see what has been modified, created, or deleted between any two points in time.

Backup Insights is a proprietary technology, available with Datto SIRIS 2, Virtual SIRIS, ALTO XL, and Virtual ALTO.

What is Backup Insights?

Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid Cloud Technology to Improve Redundancy

Hybrid Cloud

Datto utilizes Hybrid Cloud Technology to improve redundancy and allow users greater protection of their systems and data. Hybrid Cloud continuity is simple in concept yet robust in feature set; it leverages the advantages of local backup and the security of the cloud.

It starts with workstations and servers protecting data locally across the Local Area Network (LAN) to the Datto appliance. From there it is automatically transmitted to the secure Datto cloud. This technology improves fault tolerance while reducing the reliance on bandwidth speed. The local Datto device can act as a restore hub for everything from files to application and system fail over, it can also act as a staging environment for offsite transfer. Scheduling off-site data transfers can be critical for bandwidth management and carries no risk of having unsaved backups. In addition, should the local device be compromised data that was transferred to the Cloud can act as a replica site for the business. A local only backup option cannot ensure data integrity should a site wide disaster occur.

Hybrid Cloud Technology is employed on all Datto solutions, including Datto SIRIS 2.

What Does Hybrid Cloud Mean to Me?

Image-Based Backup

Image Based Backup for a Better Backup Solution

Image-Based Backup

Today’s businesses require a better backup solution. With more data being created, the value of the data increasing, stricter regulations, and no time for downtime—an image-based backup solution fits the bill better than older, outdated methods.

With image-based backup a picture of the workstation or server is taken and stored as a place in time for that machine. This is essential for restoration because rebuilding or virtualizing a machine requires not just files but also the applications and systems. Backups are the size of the changed data between two points but hold the information to restore any piece of data that was on the machine at the time of the backup.

Additional advantages of image-based backup are: full restores are faster, can restore individual files, ability for bare metal restores (BMR), can verify images, boot virtual machines, and run remote offices.

Image-based backup is an integral component of a complete business continuity solution, and a key benefit of Datto SIRIS 2.

Image Based Backup Breakdown

Instant Virtualization

Virtual Version acts Completely seperate from the physical device

Instant Virtualization

Virtualization refers to the process of creating a virtual version of something, whether it’s a server, storage device, network or application. The “virtual” version acts completely separate from the physical device.

With Datto, backups can be virtualized either locally on the Datto appliance or remotely in Datto’s secure cloud, in mere seconds, with the click of a button. The advanced web interface allows for configuration of CPU and memory resources. Network resources can also be configured dynamically, allowing for changes to be made without restarting the virtual machine. Even while virtualized, systems can continue a normal backup schedule to both the Datto appliance and Datto’s secure cloud. Business continuity has never been as easy or as reliable.

The advantages to Instant Virtualization are many. Should a business experience server failure, or the like, its systems may be virtualized instantly to the Datto device or the secure Datto cloud, to avoid data loss. With the systems now virtualized in the Cloud, the business may operate “business as usual” and have the time and resources to fix its server issue without compromising any data or incurring any downtime.

Instant Virtualization is available with Datto SIRIS 2.

What is Instant Virtualization

Instant Virtualization Overview Video

Screenshot Backup Verification

No More Wondering if your backups are valid.

Screenshot Backup Verification

This proprietary technology delivers proof that your backup is successful. By taking a “screenshot” of each completed boot process virtually, Datto tests the backup integrity and proactively identifies boot-ability issues. A screenshot alert can then be sent directly to the solution provider, and client if desired, to confirm the backup. This is unique to Datto.

Testing is taken to a new level with automated live virtualization verification. Datto is able to not only check the integrity of a backup but it actually does a mock recovery and spins up a virtual machine of the backup to verify the backup can be booted in a disaster. Users receive an alert with the results of the test as well as an image generated from the test.

Screenshot Backup Verification™ is available with Datto SIRIS 2, Virtual SIRIS, Alto 2, ALTO XL, and Virtual ALTO.

Screenshot Backup Verification Workflow

ownCloud on SIRIS

Enterprise File Sync

ownCloud on SIRIS

An enterprise file sync and share solution - made for the “on-the-go” business like yours, by Datto and ownCloud. Share, access, and synchronize files stored on your SIRIS device from anywhere, using your desktop, laptop, or mobile devices.

Diagram of ownCloud on SIRIS

Unlike other file sync and share solutions, ownCloud on SIRIS stores your files and data right on your SIRIS in your local infrastructure rather than relying on a public cloud. It’s more secure, and because it’s local it’s fast, and in true Datto fashion it’s all backed up in the Datto Cloud.

What makes ownCloud on SIRIS different?

  • Hosting location - on-premise where your data is most secure
  • Logging and Auditing - track and trace who has access to your files, plus when and where they viewed them
  • Versioning - keep files up-to-date and easily identify when changes occur
  • File Firewall / Advanced Permissions - made to be managed by MSPs for a high level of security based on permissions and policies decided by you
  • Enterprise-level functionality, but made for small businesses - cost-effective for small businesses
  • Available on all SIRIS devices, including Virtual SIRIS right out of the box - no need for a separate third-party file sync and share tool