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No More Wondering if your backups are valid.

This proprietary technology delivers proof that your backup is successful. By taking a “screenshot” of each completed boot process virtually, Datto tests the backup integrity and proactively identifies boot-ability issues. A screenshot alert can then be sent directly to the solution provider, and client if desired, to confirm the backup. This is unique to Datto.

Testing is taken to a new level with automated live virtualization verification. Datto is able to not only check the integrity of a backup but it actually does a mock recovery and spins up a virtual machine of the backup to verify the backup can be booted in a disaster. Users receive an alert with the results of the test as well as an image generated from the test.

Screenshot Backup Verification™ is available with Datto SIRIS 2, Virtual SIRIS, Alto 2, ALTO XL, and Virtual ALTO.

Screenshot Backup Verification Workflow

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