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The device you love, in a virtual form factor.

Today’s businesses are virtualizing more than ever - in local clusters, private clouds and public clouds. And those virtual servers are running on a fractal of different platforms and hypervisors. Just because a machine is virtual doesn’t mean it’s not mission-critical. With Virtual ALTO, you get the capabilities you need without the physical device to maintain, all at a smaller price point.


  • Support Multiple Platforms

    Datto virtual appliances support VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V, and Citrix XenServer, allowing you to provide robust backup and business continuity to businesses of any size, across multiple platforms.
  • Stop Guessing About Backup Integrity

    Datto’s Screenshot Backup Verification gives you visual proof that your data has been successfully backed up. You’ll receive a screenshot verification, giving you the confirmation that backups are without errors or data corruption. Read More
  • Dramatically Reduce Downtime

    Datto’s hybrid cloud technology dramatically reduces downtime by saving backups both locally and in the cloud. This gives users greater protection for their systems and data through advanced bandwidth management, local restoration, and full cloud data copies. Read More
  • Eliminate Broken Backup Chains

    With Datto’s proprietary Inverse Chain Technology, you can recover faster. Recovery isn’t delayed by the need to apply incremental backups to your last full backup file. Datto has already done it for you, and because of this, you’re also free to delete your oldest backup files to free up space. Read More
  • Compare Backup Points

    Datto’s Backup Insights gives you the power to see what happened between two different backups. Now you never need to guess when data got deleted, added, or modified. You can know, in a matter of seconds. Read More
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Storage ranging from 1-50TB End-to-End Encryption
Time-Based Cloud Retention Unlimited Agent Licensing