Apple Users Urged to Update Devices IMMEDIATELY!

Due to a recent type of spyware that is affecting Apple devices, you'll want to update your software as soon as possible!

If you're a @tekiegeek customer, you likely already got this alert on your computer screen. But it doesn't mean your device is protected, yet.

To physically update your device and install the necessary security patches:
Open Settings ➡️ Tap General ➡️ Tap Software Update.

Automatic updates might have already installed iOS 14.8 Pegausus security update, but if it hasn't, you should do it immediately.

Although Apple has stated that this type of spyware doesn't appear to have affected the population, yet, and is likely rolled out to specific users for specific information. There have already been 37 activists, journalists, and business peoples' phones breached, thus far. The impact of the breach on one of the activist's phones includes an organization's list of more than 50,000 phone numbers for politicians, judges, lawyers, teachers and others.

While the security patch has been rolled out, it doesn't stop the spread of spyware if not controlled. In other words, do it now!

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