Finding the Right IT Provider for Your Business

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There are a lot of IT service providers out there and it can be tempting to go with the cheapest one. However, you get what you pay for in most cases. Inexpensive providers frequently provide lower-quality services, which can lead to costly problems in the future.

Be mindful when choosing an IT service provider for your company, that it is important to consider their experience with or specialization in working with companies like yours. 

Questions to ask before partnering with an IT service provider

Here are a few questions to ask a potential IT provider before partnering with them:

·        Do they have experience servicing your specific industry?

·        Do they provide routine network assessments and check ups?

·        Can they support the technology you currently have in place?

·        Are their proposed solutions scalable?

·        What is their policy for on-demand support?

·        Do they offer personalized and custom solutions that are unavailable with other providers?

·        Will they package together your services into one monthly bill?

·        What will your return on investment be if you chose to move forward?

After you've received answers to all your questions, compare them to your business’ individual requirements. Make sure they meet your needed and desired criteria.


Signs to Avoid When Partnering with an IT Service Provider


If you notice any of these red flags when talking to a potential IT service provider, it's probably time to consider other options:


Pushes for a service contract without a network or risk assessment first

Many lacking IT “companies” will push for a service contract without taking the time to understand your specific infrastructure first. That's like a doctor prescribing treatment before ever seeing the patient. This can lead to spending more than is required, and/or underutilizing certain services. It is critical to have an IT partner help you evaluate your needs first and foremost with a cybersecurity risk assessment, and then make recommendations for service from that point on.


Offers a standard service package immediately

It's important to take the time required to find the right provider who will also take their time to understand your business and what you truly need and require from working with them. Many service providers will offer a standard package immediately without even taking your needs into consideration. This is a problem because you may not actually receive all the services you require and may wind up paying for services won’t even need or use.


Reacting to issues only as they arise, not proactively (The break-fix service model)

Many IT service providers still use a break-fix model of business, which basically means they only respond to problems if, and when they occur, and not before things actually go wrong. This often makes it feel like they don't really care about your business or it’s security and future success. At best, it can be incredibly annoying. At worst, it can actually damage your revenues, relationships and reputations with customers and partners.


Waits for vulnerabilities to become exposed

Many IT service providers prefer to wait for vulnerabilities to be exposed before offering a fix, so that they can sell more emergency services that you have no choice but to buy. To us, this is simply bad business and even worse service.

Always look for the proactive managed IT service providers (like TEKIE GEEK) who are ready to help you 24/7/365. They should be constantly monitoring your networks and keeping on the lookout for issues so they can be remediated before there’s any real physical problem. It can and does save you time and money in the long run.


Speaking in technical terms they know you won’t understand

It’s always better to find an MSP who takes the time to explain things in layman’s terms so that you can understand. They should be able to answer your questions easily and simply, and help you navigate the confusing world of IT and business tech to help you make decisions about your company’s IT. If they can’t do the bare minimum to explain to you so you understand what you’re paying for, then they are certainly not the right service provider for your company.


Provides rigid solutions that don’t integrate with existing processes

It is so important to use an IT service provider that will provide flexible solutions that easily integrate with your existing systems and technologies. Technology that doesn’t integrate with your existing systems can cause major issues down the line. Ask your provider about their flexibility and how their proposed solutions will integrate with your current systems. If they can’t give you an answer that sounds adequate to you or feels wrong, it’s probably smartest to look elsewhere.

When you partner with a managed IT service provider like us here at TEKIE GEEK, you can expect a wide range of services that will help and protect your company. Our team of experts can help you feel more at ease and achieve peace of mind since we provide everything from managed IT services to 24/7 help desk support. Reach out to learn how we can help benefit your company today!

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