How 30,000 Organizations allowed LAZINESS and COMPLACENCY get them hacked!

Learn how 30,000 organizations allowed themselves to be part of a 0 Day Exploit by not switching to Microsoft 365 earlier!

At Least 30,000 Organizations Hacked! This is 30,000 organizations that now know they have been hacked with tens of thousands more that still have no idea they have been hacked, why, well to be honest, they put their trust in the wrong IT providers.

So let's start with how many organizations that Tekie Geek manage had this compromise on their Exchange server....ZERO. If your IT provider still has you on on-premise Exchange in 2021, they do not have your best interest at heart. At Tekie Geek we only offer 2 choices of email providers, either Microsoft 365 (95%) or  Google Apps (5%), with Microsoft 365 being the preferred. To start, Microsoft 365 is NOT affected by this Exchange compromise.

Email should be MORE than just email. With Microsoft 365 you get a full suite of tools, giving you functionality that is necessary in 2021. So why do organizations stick with Exchange, well it's not usually cost, Microsoft 365 actually ends up being more cost effective after you look at licensing costs, backup costs, management costs, and everything else that goes with on-premise exchange. The main reason is LAZINESS and COMPLACENCY.

Will Tekie Geek turn down a customer who is not willing to move to Microsoft 365 or Google Apps, ABSOLUTELY! How can we protect you if you are running products that are brining your overall security risk up? Well, to be honest, we can't and for that reason, taking you on as a client would be doing you a disservice as we cannot properly protect you.

So now is the time to look at your overall security risks within your organization and start with the easy one, email. If you are connecting to email through POP, IMAP, Personal Gmail ( IS NOT a BUSINESS SOLUTION!), Microsoft Exchange, Yahoo, AOL, or anything other than Microsoft 365 or Google Apps (using your business domain!), let's have a conversation to get you on the schedule for a risk assessment and get your risk score lowered before its TOO LATE!

Also, I would like to mention, NO provider is hack proof and it is fair to remember that Microsoft Exchange was the product attacked in this exploit, developed by Microsoft. However, Microsoft has been pushing organization to Microsoft 365 where their full development efforts are towards for years. However, in the industry their are providers that are considered lower risk and both Google Apps and Microsoft 365 are those, especially when properly protected, managed, and most importantly, backed up!

Are you using one of those services other than Microsoft 365 or Google Apps? Are you willing to admit it in the comments and tell us why?

PS - If you are using the email that comes with your website, you need to call us NOW, don't even wait until tomorrow morning, leave a message tonight because your risk is through the roof!

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