How To Create a Comprehensive Backup and BCDR Strategy

Being a business owner is beyond challenging at times. You have to deal with several issues all at once and still be able to efficiently solve each of those challenges in a timely matter. You also need to have the understanding of knowing how to arm your business with the right solutions to handle any issues that might come to light later on.

One type of issue that you should always focus on is data loss, data corruption and business disruption.

If you’re wondering why this needs to be a priority, take a look at these stats below:

• For small businesses, per-hour downtime costs could be as high as $50,000.

• 1/3 of customers will end their connections with a business following a severe disruption or data loss incident.

• Failure to protect your business data can draw penalties of up to 4% or more of company turnover.

Always remember that data loss, data corruption and business disruption could happen due to multiple reasons such as:

• Natural disasters

• Hardware failures

• Human errors

• Software corruption

• Computer viruses

So, as a responsible business owner, you must prepare your business to deal with unexpected interruptions that cause downtime and dips in productivity. The best way to do this is by creating a comprehensive backup and BCDR strategy.

What Is a Backup and BCDR Strategy?

A good backup and BCDR strategy emphasizes the need for various technologies to work together to deliver uptime. It also highlights technologies associated with cybersecurity. Such strategies:

Protect All Systems, Devices and Workloads

Managing all systems, devices and workloads efficiently, securely and constantly, can be quite challenging. Mistakes, errors, mishaps and straight up failures across backup and recovery systems could happen at any time, and could even cause severe downtime and other costly consequences. That’s why it’s essential to have a reliable and secure backup solution to protect business data and information as well as systems, devices and workloads.

Ensure the Integrity, Availability, and Accessibility of Your Important Data

The complexity of IT, network and data environments which include multiple sites - cloud, on-premise and remote - makes monitoring and protection complicated. It negatively affects the integrity, availability and accessibility of information and all IT network assets. Hence, deploying tools and systems which cover all IT and network infrastructure (remote, cloud and on-site) simultaneously, with the same level of protection and security, is crucial.

Enable Business Continuity and Resilience

A comprehensive and realistically achievable backup and BCDR strategy makes sure the number one priority is that of the continuity of business operations and minimization of downtime or data loss.

Prioritize Critical Protection and Security Requirements Against Internal and External Risks

No backup or BCDR solution can be effective if your business does not proactively identify and fix internal and external risks. You need tools that focus on internal and external threats through constant monitoring, alerting and defense to strengthen the integrity of your backup and BCDR strategy.

Optimize and Reduce Storage Needs and Costs Through Deduplication

Experts estimate that humans produce 2.5 quintillion bytes of data every day. From a business outlook, such large amounts of data pose serious storage and financial and budgeting challenges. What makes things worse is the existence of multiple, unnecessary copies of the same files. Therefore, adopting the process of deduplication can identify data repetition and ensure that no identical data is stored unnecessarily.

Manage Visibility, Unauthorized Access and Fulfill Data Retention Requirements

Your business data should never be visible to every employee in the same way. There has to be policies and tools enabled to ensure that an employee accesses only essential data needed to complete their tasks. Also, unauthorized access should be identified and blocked right away. This isn’t just essential for the success of backups and BCDR, but it is also necessary to maintain compliance with all regulatory mandates related to data protection and retention.

Complete Backup and BCDR For Business

Adopting a total and complete backup and BCDR strategy is not an option, but a necessity, because the business world is jam packed with fierce competition. A single, severe data loss incident or simple disruption could open the floodgates for your competitors to eat into your profits and customer base. You don’t need to be deemed “untrustworthy” because of an accidental data breach, which could happen to anyone.

You must do everything in your power to bring all the right tools and strategies together so that your business can operate efficiently even in the face of chaos. Are you ready to approach the concept of comprehensive backup and BCDR yet?

It isn’t as difficult as you probably are thinking. All you need to do is collaborate with an expert like us here at Tekie Geek who have the knowledge and experience to take care of your unique backup and BCDR needs.

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