Could Your Company Recover From a Data Breach?

Plan for secure data recovery and restoration of your business in case of a potential data loss disaster. Trust the experts at Tekie Geek.

If Your Company Lost Data How Quickly Could You Get Back in Business?

Finding out your business has been hacked is unsettling. The motives of the criminals who breach computer security vary, so these intrusions also can cause confusion. Worst of all, after an attack you may not have access to data that you need to operate or private information may have been stolen.

This is where the IT superheroes of Tekie Geek, serving businesses in New York and Staten Island, come in. Consider implementing a business continuity plan with the assistance of Tekie Geek, so your business can survive hackers, environmental disasters, and other incidents of data loss.

What Is a Business Continuity Plan?

A business continuity plan is a planned system of response and recovery from cyberattacks. It outlines what to do immediately, who needs to be informed, and how to get your business back up and running as quickly as possible. A solid business continuity plan includes regular, secure backups of all key data.

Threats to Your Business Data

Cyberattacks occur in all sizes of business enterprises. And other sources of data loss can endanger the survival of your business, as well. As part of any business organization, strategies to recover lost data, including software applications, should be in place. By acknowledging the possibility of unexpected network challenges, your business can be ready with an IT disaster recovery plan.

There are a variety of potential threats to IT systems:


Through encryption of files accessed via communication systems and dishonest website structures, criminals administer malware to disrupt the functionality of computer systems and demand ransom payments. Essentially, they lock up your data and hold it hostage.

Environmental Disasters

Flooding, earthquakes, heavy rains, high winds, and other disaster scenarios might hobble your business operations if there are no emergency plans for data or hardware loss.


Whether accidents cause electrical problems, fires in facilities, or machinery malfunctions, there likely will be the danger of data loss. With a business continuity plan, you can focus on employee safety and ground-level management in the face of accidents and let Tekie Geek help you implement the recovery systems already in place.

Enhance Security With Business Continuity Plans

Invest in business stability and resilience when you create a business continuity plan with Tekie Geek. We help protect businesses in New York and New Jersey, as well as their employees and clients, with managed IT that includes secure email services. With expert monitoring and intervention, we can help you develop user policies, institute email encryption, filter spam, and enforce the use of safer password protocols.

Plan to Recover From a Data Loss Disaster Before It Happens

If your business continuity plan is a few years old, or if you have yet to develop one, get help from Tekie Geek. We will work with you and your staff to create a plan that covers all the bases. With our experience helping businesses recover data, fight off ransomware attacks, and continue operations after disasters of all types, you can depend on us for a business continuity plan that includes:

  • Secure data storage
  • Constant and consistent backup protocols
  • Ability and flexibility to respond quickly

We will look at the network and IT risks along with you and consider a variety of contingencies. We can help you train staff in better, safer computer practices. By helping the people in your company or organization understand the criminal manipulation rampant in the business world today, and its potential consequences, you’ll see renewed vigilance and much better compliance. By getting to know your company culture and daily operations, we can help design a recovery plan that is well-suited and workable.

Find Help With Business Continuity Plans in NY and NJ

With a business continuity plan in place, you can concentrate on your business goals. And knowing that you have experts ready to get you back up and running in case of emergencies and disasters provides a solid basis for future growth. Contact us today at Tekie Geek to learn how we can help protect your business in New York or New Jersey.

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