Cybersecurity Trends for 2024

What are the new cybersecurity trends for 2024 and how can you protect your business? Learn more from the IT superheroes at Tekie Geek.

Companies and whole industries are grappling with new cybersecurity threats in 2024. Many organizations may question their abilities when it comes to protecting and defending business operations. The global cost of cyber-attacks is projected to top $10.5 trillion by 2025.

At Tekie Geek, we are already witnessing the damage that results from under-resourcing cybersecurity initiatives. It’s our job to follow cybersecurity trends and develop strategies to help protect our customers. Our IT services offer protection against the many dangers cyber criminals pose to companies of all sizes in New York and New Jersey.

Top Cybersecurity Threats Facing Your Company

This collection of cybersecurity threats to businesses in 2024 may help you recognize structural weaknesses or other problems within your company. Keep in mind that cybersecurity trends are often fast-moving, dictated by the development of new technologies or current events.

1) Shortage of Employees, IT Skills, and Resources

Budget cuts over the past few years have impacted the size of the workforce at many companies, including IT departments. With more employees working remotely, there are many more devices to monitor. These can provide an entryway to hackers, especially when remote staff are not fully trained in the importance of security protocols, especially if those protocols have become insufficient.

Tekie Geek offers managed IT services that help companies with day-to-day operations, as well as cybersecurity initiatives. Our experienced IT professionals ensure business operations such as network management, backups, computer and service maintenance, and updates are kept up to date. In addition, we offer training in system protocols for all employees.

2) Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Other Fast-Developing Technologies

Sophisticated methods of machine learning are transforming both the level and number of cybersecurity attacks on businesses. These include increasing abilities to impersonate trusted individuals or use other social engineering tricks to dupe employees and customers. Using AI technology, hackers can impersonate voices, or perhaps even biometric signatures such as thumbprints.

Tekie Geek offers co-managed IT services that partner with existing IT departments and teams. When IT professionals are engaged in running basic business operations, they may not have the bandwidth to explore new protections against hackers. We can advise on upgrades and new processes, as well as help with organizational training. We want to use AI technology for good. For example, AI technology can institute real-time authentication and activity monitoring that helps protect organizations.

3) Threats Related to Geopolitical Tensions and Elections

Warfare around the globe is being fought on several fronts, including cyber-attacks that aim to disrupt digital networks and systems. Hackers and other enemies are seeking ways to access national infrastructures, such as public utilities, transportation networks, and security systems.

This is a concern for government vendors and contractors. In addition, 2024 is a year for national elections in the U.S., UK, and India. As some groups seek to derail these democratic processes, companies, citizens, and individuals may be vulnerable to cybersecurity violations.

Tekie Geek offers services that can help protect business leaders and companies from these kinds of cybersecurity threats. We equip clients with upgraded systems, promote zero-trust protocols, and monitor networks for breaches of security.

4) Supply-Chain Attacks

Supply chains often form the lifeblood of a business and often include many different vendors. A great deal of planning helps keep these open and responsive to production schedules. Hackers want to infiltrate supply chain systems to exert control for ransom demands and to steal data.

Tekie Geek protects access to supply chain vendors and materials for companies in New York and New Jersey. We help companies make proactive assessments of the threat level to manufacturing or transportation processes.

Using the same tools as hackers, we can examine networks for danger, recommend cyber protections, and incorporate them into the business. Through our business continuity services, experienced Tekie Geek staff will investigate, plan, solidify solutions, and train employees in new protocols.

5) Increasing Ransomware Attacks

Ransomware attacks have been a major source of concern for companies. This is one cybersecurity trend that doesn't seem to be going away. Using malware, hackers infiltrate and infect individual devices and network systems. The malware effectively encrypts the data files and other network systems, making it unusable.

Another tactic is to lock out users. Ransomware hackers may demand payment for restoring the data or systems, or they may threaten to blackmail the business by publishing private data unless they receive payment. No matter how the extortion is communicated, it serves to stop business operations and presents immediate challenges.

Tekie Geek can help prevent ransomware attacks with routine monitoring for suspicious behavior and validating network integrity. Our team of IT professionals helps companies plan a response to these types of attacks by:

· Instituting backup strategies

· Recommending cyber insurance

· Providing knowledge and expertise to help with any negotiations

6) Stepped-Up Phishing Attacks

Phishing is another type of hack attack that is dangerous to cybersecurity. This is where the hackers trick users into providing information and access to sensitive digital networks. In 2024, this is one hacker tool that agents who wish to influence national elections may use. By sending emails or other messages that appear legitimate, criminals trick users into providing passwords, credit card numbers, and other identifying information.

Tekie Geek can help companies avoid phishing scams that hurt their business operations with cybersecurity measures. We can also help promote awareness through training and education within the company.

7) Lack of Alignment Between Computer Security and Company Leadership

Sometimes the leadership at a company is slow to put important cybersecurity measures into practice. There can be a disconnect between understanding the reality of these threats and adopting new systems. The IT team may already be overextended with normal business operations. Or they may not be able to effectively communicate with leadership or employees within the organization.

Tekie Geek can perform a thorough evaluation of network systems, testing for areas where hackers may intrude. We can also help everyone at the company understand how cyber threats compromise the business. We can also implement up-to-date protections and upgrade software to better defend business operations.

8) Malware

Malware attacks may involve bypassing authentication protocols and inappropriately accessing session information. Malware can provide hackers with usernames, passwords, credit card numbers, bank statements, and other personal information. They can also steal session cookies to access sensitive data. If undetected, malware can stay in the system and continue to provide access to criminals, causing problems for the company.

Businesses in New York and New Jersey can rely on services from Tekie Geek. We can monitor your networks and discover malware attacks. After removing the threat and repairing the damage, we can provide upgrades, monitoring, and IT management services to help prevent future attacks.

9) New Regulations and Compliance Standards

2024 will bring new regulations and compliance standards for network safety and affect companies in the U.S. and around the globe. While these standards will improve security, they will also place increased pressure on IT staff, with implementation and mandated reporting deadlines.

Tekie Geek can help implement new software and hardware, assist with meeting compliance standards, and train employees in new secure protocols.

10) Attacks on Encryption Methods and Other Security Risks

With technological developments ongoing at all times, IT departments may be required to implement new cyber solutions, such as new encryption protections for data. However, if a gap appears between fully implementing the new security system and leaving the old system, hackers may intrude to steal data and other information.

Tekie Geek can help. It’s our job to keep up with the latest in computing, software, and cybersecurity trends. We help companies address inadequate security systems and adopt new ones while limiting any vulnerabilities that may arise during the process.

11) Insider Threats

Nobody likes to think that someone inside the company will take advantage of system networks to steal data and other information. However, this does occur, and companies need to protect themselves against insider cyberattacks. Employees may be tempted to sell data for financial gain, and philosophical positions may also play a part in some actions of this type.

Tekie Geek to the rescue! We help companies in New York and New Jersey identify outdated cybersecurity systems and install new protections. We also assist with ongoing monitoring and security.

How Tekie Geek Can Help You Prepare for These Cybersecurity Trends

Companies can take proactive steps to handle the threats behind these cybersecurity trends. Let Tekie Geek help you create cyber resilience. We want to prevent hacker attacks on companies in New York and New Jersey as much as possible. In addition, we can help you determine a plan of action if an attack occurs to minimize loss and downtime. For more information, contact us today to learn more about our IT services.

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