Making Sure Your Business Is Data Compliant in 2024

Protect your company from data breaches and keep up with data compliance regulations in 2024. Trust the IT professionals at Tekie Geek.

When it comes to data compliance for businesses in 2024, there are several categories of information to consider. There are personal, private data about customers, vendors, and employees. In addition, financial information related to company revenues and transactions, as well as internal documents and proprietary properties, must be protected. The modern digital business environment includes ongoing threats to privacy and theft of valuable data.

Tekie Geek offers IT services to companies in New York and New Jersey that help protect business operations and meet data compliance regulations. Learn what to expect with regulatory laws for data compliance going into 2024 and beyond.

What Is Data Compliance?

To a certain extent, the laws and regulations governing data compliance depend on where the company is located and where it conducts business. Each state in the United States has privacy regulations and compliance protocols concerning business data, and many added extra directives for 2024.

At the basic level compliance consists of tracking and controlling access to data and protecting privacy. It often requires the submission of audits and reports to verify the lawful use of data. Adhering to compliance regulations requires the use of digital systems, hardware, and software.

Human actions are also key to the protection of business data, such as the tasks members of the IT department perform when automatic security systems send alerts. These include examination of consent protocols, identification of users, and inspection of audits and other reports.

As companies take on new responsibilities regarding data compliance, and the business environment for data loss prevention becomes increasingly demanding, many IT professionals face burnout. If the operation is short-staffed, there is an even greater risk that data theft and hacking may occur, placing operations in peril.

Added pressures on digital protective systems and IT teams are related to insider risks. In other words, individuals within the company or third-party vendor relationships can sometimes pose a threat to data security. Tekie Geek can provide needed assistance to IT teams in New York and New Jersey with our option for co-managed IT services. We step in and supplement an existing IT department, providing the company with expanded resources that can help reduce employee burnout.

Why Data Compliance Is Increasingly Important

The fast-developing capabilities of Artificial Intelligence (AI) intensify the focus on data compliance for businesses. With growing sophistication, malicious actors use AI in destructive social engineering scams to threaten data security. There are several other reasons that all businesses should be engaged with security and data compliance, including:

· Brand reputation: When data breaches occur, public perception often turns negative

· Lost revenue: Data theft can discourage customers and reduce other revenue opportunities

· Regulatory fines and penalties: These already exist and may increase with new regulations

· Litigation expenses: These can be ongoing and come at a high price

Many companies find that these and other challenges to revenue streams prompt enhanced data compliance procedures. One way to take advantage of experienced, knowledgeable assistance with managed IT services from Tekie Geek. This effectively outsources IT operations to seasoned professionals who understand the many threats facing business data. We are dedicated to helping our clients maintain data compliance and privacy protections for all stakeholders.

How to Determine Whether Your Business Is Data Compliant

The first step in determining whether a company meets regulations for data compliance is evaluation. Examine all current technology and processes for gathering, sharing, and storing data. Take a close look at all relevant privacy policies. By gaining a big-picture perspective on how all these parts fit together, IT professionals and company leaders can start to find security gaps.

The next step is to determine how to fill those gaps. This may include an in-depth study of existing tools and technology to see where they may be improved or upgraded.

Companies may require new hardware and software to meet data compliance regulations in 2024. Any new technology will require integration with existing systems. Setting up processes for data compliance reporting and training company staff on new protocols will require the assistance of knowledgeable, experienced IT professionals.

Tekie Geek can assist companies with these tasks, as well as provide business continuity services. With a well-developed plan in place for how to handle potential data breaches and hackers, a company is prepared to recover as much data as possible and continue operating, despite any loss of data or systems. These services help reduce downtime and avoid lost revenue opportunities.

Improve Business Communications for Data Protection

Many data breaches result from compromised digital connections. Tekie Geek encourages business clients to adopt unified communications for better efficiency and privacy. To make all types of digital communications easier to access, consider an integrated platform of communication technology. This will also help secure data.

This system helps companies maintain digital integrity while employing remote workers with multiple devices. There is far less potential for AI attacks when companies only use secure email services. With scrutiny of user identification, password control, and other security measures, unified communications can help companies achieve data compliance.

Choose Tekie Geek for IT Services

There are many reasons to stay on top of data compliance trends in 2024. Companies are concerned about meeting data compliance regulations. They also want to maintain a safe business environment for customers and employees. No matter the reason, consider bringing more IT resources on board.

Tekie Geek helps companies in New York and New Jersey maintain secure digital communications and operations. We can help co-manage IT departments or serve as a reliable management partner for all IT services. We will help you create a business continuity plan, so data and systems are retrievable if hackers encroach on company data. From running day-to-day operations to advanced planning for future data compliance regulations, Tekie Geek offers experienced IT professionals and services. For more information, contact us today.

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