Questions to Ask Before You Hire a Managed IT Company

IT outsourcing providers help lessen the load for businesses, but not all are the same. Learn what to ask from the expert team at Tekie Geek.

For many businesses, finances are always a point of emphasis. For the most part, organizations must watch their spending to remain profitable, meaning they don’t have the luxury to go out and purchase new computers or servers and hire additional employees. The solution is IT outsourcing.

Hiring a managed IT company is a big decision for any business. For many business owners who have never partnered with a managed services provider, it can be difficult to know what to expect or to know if it is worth it or not. Choosing a managed IT company shouldn’t be rushed. Tekie Geek provides expert managed IT services for businesses in New York and New Jersey. We’ve compiled a list of important questions a business owner should ask before hiring a managed IT company.

What Is the Company’s Track Record?

When considering hiring a managed IT company, it is important to do your due diligence, going beyond reading online reviews. While reviews are a great way to get a sense of the company, they may only reveal partial truths. Gaining perspective about a company’s track record can be beneficial in the long run. Consider asking how long they typically work with businesses before the relationship ends. What were the reasons previous clients took their business elsewhere? Asking these questions will provide valuable insight.

What Are the Company’s Managed IT Competencies?

It is important to remember that not all managed IT providers offer the same level of services, nor is everyone equipped to handle the same scenarios. Because each IT company offers its own set of specialties and services, ask what their competencies are. It is best to ask this question early so you can understand whether an IT provider is the right match for your business. This also will give you a good idea of what is included in a provider’s scope of services and what is not.

How Can IT Outsourcing Improve Efficiency at My Business?

When it’s all said and done, most business owners want to know if hiring a managed IT company will be worth it or not. That means making their business more efficient. Asking how a provider is going to help you reach your business goals can be key. Think of how you want your business to progress and ask how the IT provider can assist.

How Do You Secure Data, and Who Will Have Access?

Data breaches are messy. Not only do businesses need to worry about the financial backlash of a data breach, but they also need to be concerned about losing the trust of their clients. When you partner with a managed IT company, it is important to choose someone you feel can safely secure your data. Ask the provider how they go about securing data as well as who has access to it. Do they offer a business continuity plan? In addition, it would be smart to ask what steps the provider will take in the event of a data breach, and how long that process will take.

What Are Your Company’s Response Times?

There is a reason the expression “time is money” rings true in the world of business. For organizations, time is of the essence, and they need to act quickly when something arises. This can be difficult to do when waiting for a response from an IT provider. When searching for a managed IT company to work with, business owners should ask the average time it takes for them to respond when needed.

Will Your IT Services Interrupt My Business Operations?

Disruptions in business can be costly. In a world that is filled with ups and downs, business owners are looking for a smooth transition when it comes to partnering with an IT provider. It is important to ask a prospective provider if their services will interfere with any business operations. This includes the onboarding process as well. Ask what information or access they need from you to begin to work. Ask how long this process generally takes. Doing so allows you to set expectations and keep the provider accountable.

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