Simplify Budgeting for Small Businesses with Managed IT

Do you find budgeting for IT challenging? If so, you aren’t alone.

While the IT budgeting process can be tricky for small businesses, it can be especially difficult for those trying to do it all by themselves. With so many aspects to consider, such as routine/ongoing IT services, projects, refreshes and accidents/incidents, it can be tough to prioritize each and everything and still have funds left over for other crucial matters.

One solution is to partner with an IT service provider like Tekie Geek. We can help you budget for all your IT needs — both large and small. We can also help you find ways to save funds on your IT budget, in turn freeing up financial resources for other areas of your business.

How Tekie Geek Can Help

We can assist you by:

Assessing Your Situation

By starting with a network & security assessment, we can start to understand your business' ultimate technology needs and recommend the best solutions that can provide and improve efficiency.

We will provide support and maintenance for your business's IT network and entire tech setup. Our services include making sure your systems are running smoothly and helping with any technical issues that might arise.

Also, we can help you plan for your business’ future growth by learning about your company’s long-term needs and suggesting solutions based on that goal. Partnering with us means you can rest easy knowing that you have the right systems and support to be successful.


Developing an Annual Technology Plan Based on Your Needs and Goals

We will customize an annual plan based on the needs and dreams of your business. This plan can help determine which technology solutions will be the best fit for your company as well as how to implement them in ways that meet your budget and time constraints. We’ll even assist with troubleshooting issues and ensure your technology infrastructure is constantly functioning adequately.


Facilitating Compliance with a Cyber Insurance Policy

If you have a cyber insurance policy or are interested in receiving one, we can help you find compliance with your policy to help your chances of actually receiving a payout in the event of an cyberattack or data breach. By partnering with us, you’ll better understand what your policy truly covers and what it doesn't. We can help you make educated decisions on what measures you need to take to be in alignment with your policy. We will also monitor and manage your company’s compliance to the policy on an ongoing basis.


Offering a Flat Monthly Price for Everything

We offer a fixed monthly rate for managed IT services, helping you create a yearly budget and set your monthly IT costs. This matters because, like in any industry, you might find providers who underquote their prices and try charging you additional fees later on. That is not cohesive to a strong IT strategy. Being prepared ahead of time is going to save you tons of stress and frustration in the future.


Let’s Join Forces to Make Sure Your Business Succeeds

Technology is constantly changing and upgrading and keeping up with the latest trends can be a challenge for most businesses. A technology budget will help ensure your organization has the resources it needs to stay ahead of challenges and stay one step ahead. 

Our Geeks can help plan your technology budget for the upcoming year by identifying your most important and pressing needs and create a budget that meets your specific business goals. Contact us today to set up a free consultation!

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