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Spear phishing attacks can be dangerous for businesses. Learn to protect your business in New York and New Jersey with services from Tekie Geek.

Spear Phishing: The More Advanced Cyberattack

Are you concerned about IT security threats from phishing, spear phishing, and whaling? Tekie Geek helps businesses in New York and New Jersey protect themselves from these kinds of cyberattacks, which occur via communication networks. Understanding how spear phishing efforts may appear in your email, text messages, or social media platforms is the first step toward protecting yourself and your business from this nefarious activity. Tekie Geek offers managed IT services for business operations and security. Here, we explain the dangers and techniques of spear phishing.

What Is Spear Phishing?

Spear phishing is a targeted type of phishing. While phishing is more generalized and usually delivered through mass distribution on vulnerable mail servers or email accounts, spear phishing is aimed at individuals or specific businesses. Whaling is a term used for this type of criminal activity when a high-profile individual, such as the CEO of a large company, is targeted.

While a business entity may be the ultimate target, spear phishing messages might be directed first at a single employee. Often the targets of spear phishing attacks are found via social media platforms and other social networks. Through using information gleaned from researching social media communications, spear phishing messages are more likely to appear personal, as though they were generated from acquaintances or potential business associates.

Goals of Spear Phishing

Spear phishing is meant to uncover sensitive information through trickery. For example, a link may be embedded in an email message, so that when the unsuspecting victim connects with the email, they are brought to a login portal designed to mimic a valid business or organization. When accessed, the victim may unwittingly provide sensitive or confidential information that can lead to blackmail, theft, or even an intrusion into your network to install malware or steal sensitive data. Another method is to entice the recipient to open the email or its attachments, which then installs malware that can put your business operations and information at risk.

Vulnerability of Small to Medium-Sized Businesses

Phishing and spear phishing scams can attack individuals and any size of business. However, small- to medium-sized businesses may be especially vulnerable if they lack expertise in IT security. Tekie Geek offers secure email services to help keep your staff and your business safe

How to Recognize a Spear Phishing Attack

Sometimes it's difficult to recognize a spear phishing attack. Fast-paced business dealings and stressful work environments can lead to employees overlooking warning signs. The sheer load of emails received every day in personal and business life can dilute the amount of scrutiny given to any one email or text message. But recognizing spear phishing messages demands paying close attention to these communications before opening them. Does the logo image appear correct? Does the request seem much more urgent than normal? Encourage employees to take a few extra seconds to fully evaluate emails and other messages before acting on them.

Tips to Prevent Spear Phishing

An effective way to prevent spear phishing and other fraudulent cybercrime techniques is to engage with IT services from Tekie Geek. We can help put controls in place to protect your network and employees. Best practices for deterring phishing scams include:

  • Install antivirus software
  • Keep up with system and software updates
  • Never share passwords, but update regularly and effectively
  • Exercise caution when acting on received messages
  • Investigate email origins
  • Report irregularities to your IT department or provider

Tekie Geek Provides IT Services in NY & NJ

Let Tekie Geek handle IT security for your company. We can assist your IT department and suggest important upgrades and security systems. Everyone is vulnerable to spear phishing and other intrusions from Internet criminals. With the assistance of our expert staff, we can add and maintain protections so you can focus on productivity, efficiency, and profitability at your New York or New Jersey business. For more information, contact us today.

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