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Tekie Geek Co-Managed IT Services: Empowering Your SMB

Navigating the complexities of IT networks and systems can be a challenging task for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). While you may not have the budget to outsource IT management entirely, you still need expert support to keep your operations running smoothly. That's where co-managed IT services step in to bridge the gap. At Tekie Geek, we offer co-managed IT solutions to businesses in New York and New Jersey, providing customer-centric support that bolsters your cybersecurity measures.

Understanding Co-Managed IT:

Co-managed IT services are designed to provide businesses with the best of both worlds. You can benefit from the expertise and resources of an outsourced IT provider while retaining control over your internal team. This differs from the fully managed IT approach, where the provider takes over the role of your in-house IT department.

The Advantages of Co-Managed IT:

Co-managed IT services can significantly enhance the efficiency of your business. By tapping into external IT resources, your organization gains a competitive edge and becomes better equipped to meet daily objectives. Moreover, it enables you to maintain control over your internal staff without the need for additional hiring, making it especially valuable when your existing team faces growing IT management demands.

Tekie Geek's Co-Management Services:

Co-managed IT is a flexible arrangement, customized to meet the unique needs of each business. Our co-managed IT services at Tekie Geek include:

Data Security Evaluations: Protect your sensitive information with comprehensive security assessments.

User Policy Best Practices: Implement and manage employer training, password protocols, and user access control.

Business Continuity Plans: Ensure seamless operations with disaster recovery strategies.

Cloud Data Protection: Safeguard your digital assets, including Office 365 licenses, encrypted emails, and SaaS backup protection.

Automated Dark Web Monitoring: Stay ahead of potential threats with proactive monitoring.

Unlimited Help Desk Support: Receive expert assistance whenever you need it.

Automated Network, Server, and Workstation Management: Ensure the smooth operation of your IT infrastructure.

Co-Managed IT vs. Managed IT:

While our services may seem similar to fully managed IT, the crucial distinction lies in the fact that co-managed IT doesn't replace your existing IT department. It's designed to work alongside your internal team, strengthening their efforts.

Ideal Businesses for Co-Managed IT:

Determining whether co-managed IT is right for your business can be a critical decision. Co-managed IT is most beneficial in the following corporate scenarios:

New Projects on the Horizon: If your business is gearing up for a new project or initiative, co-managed IT can help you navigate the associated IT challenges without overburdening your existing resources.

IT Team Capacity Challenges: Keeping pace with growth, employee turnover, and maintaining a robust IT department can be tough. Co-managed IT offers a more efficient alternative to hiring new staff.

Knowledge Gap Resolutions: Address knowledge gaps in your IT operations that may be hindering your business growth. Co-managed IT can bridge these gaps, ensuring your IT department can accomplish key objectives.

Tekie Geek's Co-Managed IT Services are tailored to empower SMBs by providing expert IT support, enhancing efficiency, and bridging knowledge gaps. If you're looking to maximize your IT capabilities without compromising your internal team's control, co-managed IT may be the ideal solution for your business.

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