What Is the Best VoIP for My Staten Island or New Jersey Business?

VoIP is flexible and easy to use, making it a great communications option for businesses.

If you own a small or medium-sized business, you need affordable technology tools that help you work efficiently. But you’re probably cost-conscious, too. Tekie Geek understands the challenges that businesses face.We’re a managed service provider offering communications and IT solutions for businesses in New York and New Jersey. Learn more about how VoIP can help your company.

What Is VoIP?

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a type of internet-based phone service. A traditional office phone system transmits calls over telephone lines. In VoIP, calls are digitized and routed through internet cables. VoIP phone service was introduced in the 1990s. Since then, the technology has significantly improved, resulting in call quality that’s as good as a landline. Today, VoIP is a $40 billion industry.

What Are the Benefits of Using VoIP?

VoIP technology is a great option for many types of businesses. The advantages of using VoIP include:

Unified communications: VoIP goes beyond phone calls – users can also access voicemail, call recording, instant messaging, and email.

Scalable systems: With an analog phone system, you must purchase additional equipment every time you open another office or hire a new employee. VoIP is much easier to scale up – you can add new users at any time.

Flexibility:Today, many businesses are realizing they can reduce their overhead by going remote. A VoIP system makes it easy for employees to place company calls from their computers or cell phones while working from home.

By working with an IT consultant like Tekie Geek, you can streamline your systems and spend less on communications than you would with a traditional landline phone system.

What Should You Look For in a Managed Service Provider?

If you’re considering switching your phone system to VoIP,make sure you’re choosing a qualified vendor. Take these factors into consideration when selecting a service provider:


Does the provider’s VoIP technology offer all the functionality you need to run your business? For example, if you meet with clients remotely, you’ll need integrated videoconferencing. To make sure you never miss a customer call, you’ll want call forwarding. Other features might include:

· Customizable greetings and menus

· Messaging

· Voicemail-to-text

· Analytics

Think carefully about your day-to-day operations to ensure a VoIP provider can meet all your needs.

Customer Support

If something goes wrong with your phone system, you risk having frustrated customers. Choose a consultant that offers around-the-clock customer service and support so you can quickly troubleshoot any issues.


VoIP runs over the internet, so you do need to protect yourself from data breaches and phishing attempts. Look fora service provider that has a strong security framework. They should offer risk assessments, endpoint protection, and ongoing monitoring and threat assessment.

Get in Touch With Tekie Geek

At Tekie Geek, we tailor our IT services to meet our customers’ needs. With our unified communications services, you’ll be able to operate more efficiently and collaborate with team members no matter where they’re located. In addition to VoIP, we offer:

Cloud computing: We help you shift from on-premises infrastructure to cloud computing or a hybrid model.

Business continuity: You can’t always prevent every security threat, but you can put safeguards in place to ensure your business operations aren’t interrupted.

Managed IT: We setup and manage your IT framework to protect your business at every level.

The computer consultant superheroes at Tekie Geek equip your business so you can do your best work from anywhere. With cutting-edge cybersecurity tools, you can rest assured your data is protected. Tekie Geek partners with businesses across a wide range of industries throughout New York and New Jersey. For more information, give us a call at 347-830-7322 or contact us today.

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