Why Focusing on Cost Over Quality Can Still Leave Your Business Broke!

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However, while it may be tempting to look for a budget-oriented MSP to save money, this is often an unwise decision. We all want to save money where we can, of course. But the problem with IT, is that many businesses who are in the market for an MSP often have no real knowledge or understanding of what they need or what is being offered. Often times, companies will sign up for the cheapest IT company they find. So, putting your trust in a sub-par IT company just to save some pennies will likely come back to bite your business in the behind one day when you realize that not only were you duped out of true cyber security, but you’re stuck in a contract with this company for the next 24 months. AND YOU STILL NEED TO GET THE PROPER PROTECTION!

Value is most important in IT, and when you’re going to put your business on the line by trusting a certain “cheaper” IT provider, you’re going to pay big in the long run. We always strive to save you money where we can and give you the best bang for your buck. However, what Tekie Geek refuses to do is cherry-pick our services in order to save you money. We want to provide the best value for your IT investment. That means ensuring your business remains compliant, secured and productive every day, no matter what. Trusting an MSP to handle your tech needs with ease and speed is far more important than just price, especially when 95% of businesses today operate the majority of their tasks on this same technology.

Are you willing to have your systems fail or business be down entirely over some faulty backups, messy networking, or mismanaged software?

Consider what you might get when you put cost above quality:

Poor quality service: Budget MSPs may offer lower prices, but they may also provide lower quality service. This could result in more downtime for your business when things go awry, technical issues that are not fixed with diligence, and a lack of support when you need it most. If you’re calling your IT provider in the middle of the day, you need something done NOW, not when they get around to it.

Limited services: Budget MSPs may only offer a limited range of services. Do you want to still have to go elsewhere for support with more complex or specialized IT issues? Shouldn’t your MSP be a one-stop-shop for all your IT needs? We think so, and this can be a massive inconvenience if you don’t know what you’re signing up for ahead of time.

Lack of expertise: Budget MSPs may not have the same level of expertise and experience as more costly providers. You know the quote “It took me 10 years to be able to do this in one hour.” That’s the price of experience and expertise. The last thing a business needs when it’s just trying to stay above water is to receive bad advice and have their business' specific needs overlooked or disregarded.

Lack of flexibility: Budget MSPs may not be as flexible as more expensive providers, meaning that they may not be able to adapt to your business's changing needs and be able to evolve with you as you grow or change.

Overall, while it may be tempting to look for a cheap MSP to save your business dollars, the long-term costs, risks and issues that can and likely will arise can make it a pipe dream. It is important to consider the overall value that an MSP can provide, rather than just the initial cost.

Remember, if your IT provider isn’t protecting themselves fully, how do you think they’re going to treat your business?

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