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Is Your IT Consulting Firm in Staten Island Protecting Your Business from Power Loss?

Is Your IT Consulting Firm in Staten Island Protecting Your Business from Power Loss?

The Importance of Disaster Recovery

An IT consulting firm in Staten Island that’s worth anything will advise you to have solutions pertaining to power backup for a number of reasons. Some of those include:

• Reduction of downtime losses
• Damage of software systems
• Damage of hardware systems
• Bad PR and client loss
• Corporate espionage


When your computer systems shut down because of some electrical issue, the time you spend getting them up costs you. You've got the cost of production losses, expansion losses, employees on the clock when the shutdown happens, lost data--- the list goes on. Ideally, you need to have some solution in place to ensure the least amount of downtime is sustained when something shuts off the power. A backup system is more than recommendable--- it's something you must pursue if you want to remain viable over time. All that needs to happen is a power loss during some critical juncture of operations. A merger or the acquisition of a top-dollar client--- power loss could fundamentally undermine business, representing the first domino in a chain that ends with bankruptcy. Avoiding this only requires a backup generator, power source, or solution of some other variety.

Software Damages

A power loss could destroy software systems in your network. If they're busy making a large calculation when the power goes, it could fundamentally scramble computers in such a way that complete reboot becomes necessary, which naturally leads to more downtime.

Hardware Damages

A good IT consulting partner in Staten Island is going to advise you to get backup systems or go to a cloud solution because a power surge, or a sudden loss, can physically damage your servers. An earthquake or heavy storm can rattle systems such that something comes loose and an electricity arc continues to damage a portion of structural hardware anatomy until a real break occurs. Sometimes, all that's needed is a sudden surge or loss to actually damage internal functionality.

Bad PR And Client Loss

If your business has a power outage that’s bad enough, it's very likely your constituent clientele base will learn about it, and it could negatively affect your ability to acquire clients. When your public relations suffer, your retention of clients additionally falters, and then it's harder to get new ones.

Corporate Espionage

It can be primitive, but sometimes the best way to get data is to steal it and then cover your tracks by crashing the system before anybody can trace your activity. A backup system can help reveal whether the disaster your business has sustained is due to "natural" causes or some kind of corporate espionage.

Being Prepared

What you want to do initially--- if you're not sure whether you've got an appropriately configured backup power system--- is conduct an internal audit of your operations. This can verify if your current level of power backup is requisite to your needs. Should you find a deficiency, it may mean your current IT solution isn't up to par.

One provider of IT consulting in Staten Island that understands the issue and is devoted to ensuring functionality in the event of such unpredictable scenarios is Tekie Geek. We offer continuous support and software options designed to help ensure your systems maintain operational ability in even the worst-case scenario. Contact us for solutions you can depend on.

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