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Is Your IT Services Provider's Help Desk in Staten Island Like McDonald's Service?

Is Your IT Services Provider's Help Desk in Staten Island Like McDonald's Service?

Is your IT services provider in Staten Island as fast as McDonald's? The fast food giant began its trajectory towards success with the 20-second delivery model, envisioned by the McDonald brothers. They mapped out the restaurant layout with chalk on a tennis court then made changes until it evolved into a 20-second food service model. It raises the question about how the speed and efficiency of your IT provider compares with fast food.

Instant Help Desk

One of the most important ways to evaluate your IT provider is to observe how quickly they respond to your issues when you call the help desk. Are they ready to help immediately or are they so busy they put you on hold for several minutes? The sooner the support team can resolve your issue, the sooner you can stop worrying about technology and focus on your business. Once in a while, it is helpful to test your help desk's response time and whether you hear a live voice or a recording or not.

A quality IT provider always is aware of business continuity and why it is important to respond quickly. If the support team has to call you back, it is a sign that they may be too busy to prioritize your situation. The most reliable IT help desks provide not only 24/7 service, but people constantly monitoring phones. The IT talent should also be at a level capable of diagnosing and resolving problems quickly.

More Than Reliable Service

Your IT services provider in Staten Island needs to match your level of expectations for minimal downtime. The provider should already have a backup plan in place in the event of a disaster. That means the worst-case scenario should not be a nightmare and you can have confidence that your business will not be damaged. But fast service is just one element to what defines a quality IT provider. You will benefit much more working with an IT consultant that can advise you on how to make your business more secure and efficient.

IT is an area of business in which it is better not to try to cut corners. In other words, a business is better off paying more for reliable service than saving money on less reliable service that may hurt your reputation. While there are plenty of IT firms to choose from, many are designed to provide minimal support and do not employ people who care enough about business continuity.

Your IT provider should care enough about your business to make sure it is up and running all the time. They should also be able to suggest new technology to help improve business efficiency. It helps your company to develop a relationship with knowledgeable IT personnel, in which you articulate your business goals. Your provider should understand and present the various options that are available to help prepare your company for growth.


Ask yourself if your IT services provider in Staten Island provides quick enough response to your calls. If you need faster and more reliable service,  contact Tekie Geek and discuss your business needs. We can give your company a competitive edge with managed IT services and cloud services that keep your business up to date with today's technology.

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