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Make Your Transition to Cloud Computing Easy with IT Services in Staten Island

Make Your Transition to Cloud Computing Easy with IT Services in Staten Island

IT services in Staten Island can be helpful when it comes to transitioning your business to cloud computing. Managed services providers (MSPs) are aware of the latest technology trends and can help you adopt the cloud-computing model, as well as optimize your company’s operations. They also offer assistance in case of a natural or human-made disaster.

A look at Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is a groundbreaking technique of delivering computing resources. Experts have classified it as a business model that utilizes underlying IT technologies. This model allows you to store and obtain information over the Internet rather than being limited to local storage devices like hard drives or computers.

Businesses of all sizes are transitioning from test environment and incorporating more of their valuable infrastructures into the cloud to boost efficiency, increase their capital, and outsmart their competitors. A study by Vanson Bourne revealed that companies that capitalize on productivity-boosting cloud services expand 19.6% faster compared to their counterparts that don’t.  Seeking the help of a qualified IT services provider in Staten Island during the transition process will help your business in achieving growth, swiftness, and new lucrative opportunities.


Why Does Your Business Need Cloud Computing?


Streamlined management

Cloud-based services liberate you from constant pressure and costly decisions, including document control, disaster recovery, software and hardware update, and asset protection. You won’t have to worry about how software and hardware will hinder the growth of your business. Cloud services providers will handle your concerns by managing your system off-site and offering automatic updates for both your software and business security.


Minimizes IT asset ownership

Cloud computing minimizes the need for buying and managing items like hardware, licensing, support, warranty, and maintenance. These items fall under cloud computing services. You may decide to minimize your ownership of IT for reasons such as:

  • Your IT equipment has completely depreciated
  • Your business has fully achieved its return on investment
  • You need to reduce expenses, including capital spending on new IT assets


Taking advantage of newer technologies

Working with providers of cloud computing services is a better strategy for leveraging more modern technologies. The providers are required to maintain their product and services on the up-to-date platforms, offer newer features, and install the state-of-the-art patches. That way, you can access the newer versions of IT infrastructures, technologies, and services.


Minimizes IT overcapacity

If you’ve heavily invested in your IT department, but only experience irregular peaks in IT usage, cloud-computing service providers come in handy. They can incorporate flexible demand and management of capacity.



By partnering with an IT services provider in Staten Island, your business can instantaneously earn the rewards of high-quality cloud service. Working with an experienced services provider will eliminate confusion related to new technology and allow your business to acquire a competitive advantage over other competitors in your sector--- all while minimizing internal IT costs. 


Tekie Geek is an award-winning provider of managed IT services. We specialize in solving IT challenges before they lead to costly downtime. We can also simplify your transition to cloud computing. Contact us today for more information.

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