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The Rebel Escapes and Forces the Empire to Perform Data Recovery in Staten Island!

data recovery Staten Island


An Opportunity

Data recovery in Staten Island had nearly completed reconstructing the damage of the rebels, eight of whom were captured in a basement room previously occupied by a data center no longer necessary in the wake of Tekie Geek's recent upgrades. Benke Hugil turned to Mike Bloomberg: "I've never seen force powers like that. He totally rebuffed your Sith lightning. That shouldn't be possible. We must inform Lord Vader before he arrives--- guards!" Four Stormtroopers in the room saluted. "We go to meet Lord Vader. The rebels are bound hand and foot. Stand beyond this room and ensure none leave. Bloomberg?"

"You're the client," Mike grinned and followed Benke out of the room. RUB3 followed silently as a cat and locked the door behind.

Kemvie's Escape

"They're gone," Leader of the rebels Kemvie whispered. "We only have a minute. They're going to expect me to use force powers on their mind. Catrissa, the seduction gambit."

"Unnnh," Catrissa replied. She was worn from the lightning Bloomberg.

"I know, Catrissa."

"I don't---"

"Listen, Catrissa! This firm provides data recovery in Staten Island. They have no idea the evils of the Empire! That this Bloomberg guy is a Sith force adept is a fluke! Did you hear their services?

  • 24/7 Help Desk Support
  • Remote Monitoring
  • IT Security

...and all the rest. They're good people! It's the Empire that's evil, remember? And those are shock Stormtroopers out there--- the best of the best!"

Pushing Through

Catrissa breathed. "Okay..." and she began to use her trilling sound to make excited noises sure to attract the attention of any man.

Kemvie could hear Stormtrooper thoughts from beyond. One kept saying, "C'mon, you know she's a pleasure maven."

His superior kept shutting him down, but eventually said: "Okay, PK3. Just a quick look to see," and opened the door.

But then nothing happened.

"Sorry, Kemvie," Catrissa said.

"Okay... I know what to do." Kemvie sighed, closed his eyes, and reached out with the force. The minds of the Stormtroopers were porous, easy to grab onto. He knew he couldn't get one to come in, but he could turn one on his friends, and that's exactly what he did. He grabbed the one who had been interested in Catrissa's siren call, managed to force-manipulate his finger on the trigger of his blaster as it was, by chance, aimed at his superior beyond the door. The other two turned on him and he would have thrown his hands up, but instead, Kemvie managed to trick the man into stumbling into the room in which the rebels were bound. He then force-sucked the blaster from the trooper, kicked the office chair back so the blasters from his antagonists missed him, blew them to kingdom come as well, then unshackled his fellow rebels.


"You got four of them, Kemvie!" said a rebel.

"No talk, let's go!" And they ran, heading for a service door and leaving just as Vader came with sweeping strides down the stairs to the makeshift cell.

"Commander Benke Hugil, I sense our data recovery in Staten Island is far from over. There has been a great disturbance in the force."

"What do you mean?"

"The rebels have escaped." Vader turned slowly toward Benke and Mike, and both could feel the choking thoughts emanating from behind his face-plate.


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