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The Rebel Tests Positive for Force Powers at the Computer Services Base in Staten Island!

computer services Staten Island

Revitalized Solutions

Computer services in Staten Island were changing the empire. Benke Hugil felt pleased with himself and his Stormtroopers. He was especially proud of the new conscript Wilson, previously called only "plebe," and how the man had formed a relationship with RUB3. They had brought in a crazy female rebel and the leader of the resistance group. Mike Bloomberg, another individual about home Benke felt extremely proud, had been using his new Sith powers to break into the minds of these rebels. He hadn't been able to fully push through their mental barriers, but he had managed to suss out half a dozen other compatriots among the rebels.

The Stormtroopers had captured them and Bloomberg had also determined there were about a hundred in all, scattered throughout Staten Island, trying to repair their damaged vessel and find a way of returning to the rebellion against the evil Galactic Empire. The reason they had bombed Tekie Geek before was they were trying to steal information pertaining to the hyper-hyperdrive which algorithms had sucked their scouting vessel into the slipstream before.

Death Sticks and Torture: Confusing At Best

Now, Benke stood staring at the eight captured rebels. The force adept, their leader, refused to use his powers. They were all bound by chains in office chairs in an unused server room in the building's basement.

Mike was playing with a ball of indigo lightning in his hands as he walked in a circle around the captured rebels. "Lord Vader will be here soon, and he will be far less... forgiving than I am. And I'm interested in providing top-tier service to clients. We at Tekie Geek provide:

  • 24/7 Help Desk Support
  • Consultation
  • Remote Support
  • IT Security

...and much more. We don't facilitate intergalactic revolutions, or empires, or what have you. We just provide computer services in Staten Island--- but we're good to our clients, you understand? Good. Their enemies are our enemies. Now, I'm informed one of you has the same kind of space wizard powers as me. But I've been restricted from testing you until Vader arrives. So I'm just going to do the other thing he told me to do. Can you guess what that is?"

The otherworldly female in the group spoke up: "Torture us?"

"No, I'm going to torture--- wait, yes. Good guess. Here's a prize," and Bloomberg zapped her with the purple lightning, cackling the whole while.

But she didn't move.


"Hey, what gives?" Bloomberg asked.

"I been doing death sticks since I was a small one, I like it, hit me again."


"You heard me!"

So Mike zapped her.

The rebel leader squirmed, but said nothing.

She said: "Yes, more! MORE!"

Mike was starting to feel uncomfortable, but didn't want to show weakness. She had to break eventually! He gave it his all and she laughed while she writhed.

Finally, it was too much for the leader of the rebels: "STOP!" He cried and a sphere of force energy spread around the woman, throwing off the blue lightning.

"I've never seen anything like that!" Benke breathed.

"No, Kemvie!" Yelled the girl.

"Ha!" Barked Mike, "Just another day delivering computer services in Staten Island."

"Sir," said RUB3, who had been standing silently at the back of the room. "Lord Vader has arrived."

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