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Why IT Consulting in Staten Island Must Focus on Endpoint Protection

Why IT Consulting in Staten Island Must Focus on Endpoint Protection

The expansion of big data and the growing adoption of IoT (Internet of Things) requires IT consulting in Staten Island to take a closer look at protecting smart devices from cyber criminals. The key to shielding devices from nefarious entities increasingly is endpoint protection, which is the first line of defense for many companies. Endpoint protection involves security encryption of end user devices from PCs to laptops to smartphones, tablets and notebooks. Here are more details on how endpoint protection can be useful for boosting IT performance:

Why Endpoint Protection Is Necessary

Endpoint protection is becoming more and more essential for mobile devices to ensure that data transmitted to them is encrypted while restricting access to predetermined identified users. An administer must provide access instructions to employees and other team members that are allowed to use the data. All other users are blocked, particularly those that can’t be identified as familiar.

At one point, an "endpoint" meant computers and servers within the same office network. As taking work home became more common, home equipment created new opportunities for security breaches. Now, IoT has created even more possibilities for cyberattacks due to the expanded interaction of data transmission between corporate networks and personal devices. This situation requires securing endpoint connections.

Protecting Businesses and End Users

Ever since IT began, the weakest link has always been the end user. The more a user makes mistakes, the more he or she exposes themselves to vulnerabilities. Most security issues stem from user error or malicious actions by end users. Internal threats account for over half of security concerns, according to Solutions Review's Cyber Security Statistics report. Encryption helps reduce disruptions caused by both cyber criminals and end users, whether problems are intentional or accidental.

Another trend that contributes to the growing need of endpoint protection is the "bring your own device" (BYOD) strategy that has helped businesses cut expenses on hardware. At the same time, it has opened the door to increased vulnerabilities unless every personal device on the network is encrypted. That's why IT consulting in Staten Island must embrace endpoint protection in BYOD environments, to maintain stable networks.

Now that businesses store volumes of data, they have allowed themselves to become targets for malicious attacks. An estimated 4,000 cyberattacks infiltrate businesses on a daily basis, which is why security remains a top priority for all businesses, regardless of how new their technology is. Any network interaction is vulnerable to attack unless it’s well encrypted. Endpoint protection allows data to be controlled from a central location to make sure data can’t be saved in undesirable places or transferred to unauthorized devices. This strategy can lower risk and increase productivity in the workplace.


The IoT has been a Pandora’s box that has created new opportunities to penetrate businesses that collect live data via the Internet. With the increased threats of cyberattacks, IT consulting in Staten Island must include protecting end users as well as network servers, with endpoint protection based on encryption software. Contact us at Tekie Geek to learn how we can make your network more secure with endpoint protection.

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