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Why You and Your Computer Support Partner in Staten Island Need to Focus on Server Virtualization

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As a business owner, it is imperative that you always have your eyes and ears open for the latest and greatest technology available. Server virtualization technology is one of those that is a mystery to many but can get some huge gains when properly taken advantage of. The best computer support professionals in Staten Island are those who show their clients how they are going to help them get a step ahead of the competition. Server virtualization can be a real differentiator that can set a business apart from the pack in the information technology space.

VMware recently conducted a study regarding server virtualization technology. The whole premise of the survey was to get a better idea as to how well the technology was understood. What they found was that roughly 26% of those that had not yet tried server virtualization technology and had no idea about its benefits or the return on investment it could have for business. Simply put, there is still a lot of mystery to clear up.

Task Automation

As a business owner, you want to put a premium on your information technology. The fact that server virtualization technology can assist in the task automatization space needs to be known and acknowledged. When you have servers, your computer support partner in Staten Island may be spending countless hours making sure that things are running properly, doing routine updates, and so on. These tasks all take up a lot of time and are not going to contribute to business growth or advancement. With server virtualization, much of these tasks can be automated and performance can be monitored more efficiently.

Improved Restoration

Have you ever had a server go down? Where has that left your company? As a business owner, you want to be able to have your support professional restore the server and data as quickly as possible. With server virtualization, you have a lot of options regarding how things are backed up. You can back up at the server level and at individual files such as your Exchange data, as well as with applications. If something goes down, you can restore just one mailbox or an entire network in a flash.

Uptime and the Ability to Adapt

Server virtualization is going to allow your business to have improved uptime. Servers are going to be down far less, and that means a smoother business operation overall. Adaptability is huge as well as you. Companies need to be ready to embrace the new technology and it is up to their support professional to show them the way. Upgrading your infrastructure, without having to invest in extremely expensive computer hardware and such, is made possible with server virtualization.

Computer support professionals in Staten Island need to be well in-tune with the latest technology in the IT space. Server virtualization is one such type of technology that needs some attention paid to it. It has helped so many companies take it to the next level and differentiate themselves from the pack. We at Tekie Geek understand the value server virtualization can bring, and we want to help you, and all our clients, understand that clearly. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your business.

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