How Cloud Computing Benefits for Your Business

Cloud computing benefits businesses of all sizes. Learn more about the advantages of this service from the IT professionals at Tekie Geek.

Benefits of Cloud Computing

Running a business comes with many decisions, one of them being which type of IT infrastructure you will use. These days, more businesses are choosing to use a cloud-based IT infrastructure, known as cloud computing, to access data more efficiently and increase productivity. Tekie Geek provides businesses in New York and New Jersey with a range of IT services, including cloud computing. Here, we share more about cloud computing’s benefits and how it can help your business thrive.

What Is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing uses the internet to deliver services and data to users without requiring a business to have a physical location. Traditionally, when businesses needed to store data, programs, and applications, they had to do it in a physical location on-site. This is known as a traditional computing infrastructure or legacy infrastructure, which can be costly and difficult to maintain. Many businesses have turned to different options as the business and IT landscapes change, and cloud computing is becoming a preferred option for these organizations.

Cloud-based infrastructure is much faster and more accessible than traditional infrastructure. It often helps businesses increase their productivity while reducing costs and processing speeds. Cloud computing is an important innovation for businesses in all industries, including healthcare, retail, and finance.

How Does Cloud Computing Work?

If you’re considering switching your business to the cloud, it’s essential to understand how it works. Cloud computing uses the internet to store databases, applications, files, and more, allowing users to access them from anywhere. This is ideal for remote or global workforces who aren’t all in one location at the same time. Some companies, like Amazon and Microsoft, host cloud data centers that contain data storage, security, computing power, and more cloud services. The main types of cloud computing services are:

  • Software-as-a-Service (SaaS): SaaS is the most common type of cloud service, where applications are run online (either via an app or web browser), like Google Docs and Dropbox.
  • Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS): IaaS provides data, file, and hardware storage in the cloud with pay-as-needed models, like Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services.
  • Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS): PaaS is a complete cloud environment with web-based tools to build and manage applications, including examples like Windows Azure and Google App Engine.
  • Function-as-a-Service (FaaS): FaaS allows users to run codes and applications in response to events, without having to manage complicated infrastructure, like IBM Cloud Functions.

These services can be private or public. Not every business will need all types of cloud services, but most businesses can benefit from at least one. Some enterprises may be better suited for a hybrid or traditional infrastructure model, depending on the size of the company and its needs. If you’re curious whether cloud computing is right for your business, Tekie Geek can help you figure it out.

Cloud Computing Benefits

Cloud computing is a more flexible option than legacy IT infrastructure and offers various advantages to businesses. If you’re on the fence about transferring your enterprise to a cloud-based infrastructure, consider the many benefits of cloud computing:


A common benefit that businesses cite is the accessibility that cloud computing affords. Since all the data and services are run via the internet, employees can access content in different locations. This is especially helpful for remote workplaces or businesses with a global workforce. When employees aren’t struggling with slow download speeds and other problems of traditional IT infrastructure that commonly affect dispersed teams, their productivity will improve.


One of the main advantages of cloud-based infrastructure is its cost-effectiveness, especially compared to on-site IT infrastructure. When companies host and maintain their data themselves, it can be costly and time-consuming. Since cloud computing doesn’t host data on-premises, companies can save money on the costs of storage, maintenance, and having an on-site management IT team.

What’s more, some providers offer different pricing models to meet the needs of different business capacities. For instance, Tekie Geek has cloud computing services with a pay-as-you-go model to potentially boost savings further.


Another benefit of cloud computing is its scalability, or ability to keep up with growth. If a business undergoes rapid growth, it needs an IT system that can accommodate the added volume of data. Cloud computing can easily withstand an increased amount of data storage and support fluctuations in business. Organizations have the option to scale up or down based on their workloads.

Data Storage

The data storage capacity of cloud computing is another benefit. As mentioned above, storing large amounts of data on-site can be costly and difficult to maintain. Cloud computing stores all the data you need in the cloud so it can be accessed from anywhere. This data storage is very secure and has automatic backups to prevent loss of data in case of a cybersecurity emergency.

Transferring to cloud computing might be what your business needs to increase productivity and save money. Tekie Geek has a team of IT consultants to help you figure out the best option for your business. We have established partnerships with some of the best cloud computing providers in the industry, like Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure, which host data centers for cloud computing. Partnering with these providers allows Tekie Geek to ensure our customers have access to the cloud-based tools they need to succeed.

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