Dark Web Protection for Small Businesses

Small and mid-sized companies need strong data security protections against dark web threats. Trust the IT experts at Tekie Geek.

How to Protect Your Small Business From the Dark Web

Most internet users rely on popular search engines such as Google or Bing to search for information, products, and services. However, a small portion of the internet, known as the dark web, is not indexed by conventional search engines.

Tekie Geek is an IT consulting and managed services provider serving businesses in New York and New Jersey. Here, we explain the dark web and highlight strategies companies can use to protect themselves and enhance data security.

What Is the Dark Web?

Also known as the darknet, the dark web can be accessed only through specific web browsers, such as Tor, which makes internet activity anonymous. Sites on the dark web use encryption software, which means site creators, editors, and visitors all can remain unidentified. For some, the dark web is a place to freely express views and access information. For others, it’s a hub for illegal activity. Cybercriminals use the dark web to share and sell illegally obtained information such as stolen account credentials, Social Security numbers, or credit card information.

Dark Web Threats to Businesses

While any type of business can be the victim of a cyber attack, small and medium-sized businesses are especially vulnerable, as they don’t always have the in-house resources to respond quickly and contain attacks. Dark web criminals may buy or sell the personally identifiable information (PII) of you or your employees, such as email addresses and passwords, which they can use to steal sensitive information or gain access to your network to install malware. Thus, businesses need strong cybersecurity programs to prevent data loss, as well as tools to monitor dark web threats.

Is Your Information on the Dark Web?

A dark web scanner is a tool that checks sites on the dark web for specific account credentials, such as an email address and password, to see whether this information has been compromised. While a scan is helpful, a better data security solution is dark web monitoring. This service offers ongoing surveillance and can alert users whenever any of their information is identified.

Best Practices for Data Security

In addition to dark web monitoring, there are simple steps you can take to improve data security and protect your business:

Be Aware of Scams

Phishing attacks use social engineering to convince people to click on a link, download a file, or expose private information in some other way. Train your staff to recognize and report possible phishing scams. These attacks often prey on a sense of urgency – for example, an email might say that someone at your organization urgently needs funds transferred. They may look legitimate, but often an email address or URL will differ by just a letter or two from the real thing.

Use Good Password Hygiene

If a person uses the same password for multiple accounts and their information is on the dark web, there’s no limit to what hackers can access. Make sure employees are not using weak or duplicate passwords, and rotate passwords frequently. Consider using a password manager or multi-factor authentication for added security. Sometimes multiple employees use a shared set of credentials for a particular application or program – eliminate shared logins wherever possible to minimize risk.

Trust Tekie Geek for Dark Web Monitoring

Dark web protection is best left to a security expert. At Tekie Geek, we work with small businesses to provide comprehensive managed IT services that enhance data security and minimize threats. Our monitoring service provides automated dark web surveillance so we can alert you immediately if possible breaches occur. With expert ongoing support, we can help you immediately take action to contain and mitigate threats before they interrupt your business operations.

Serving clients throughout New York and New Jersey, Tekie Geek offers advanced cybersecurity protection and threat monitoring at multiple levels. For more information about our managed IT and business continuity services, contact us today.

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